During the national day of Jiangbei Airport peak travel Raiders yesterday, the reporter learned from the Chongqin Jiangbei Airport, according to Baidu big data travel forecast, September 29th to 30, Chongqing will usher in the peak travel. Among them, in the domestic tourism, Chongqing leapt to the National Day Golden Week "one of the ten major tourism destinations in the country"; in outbound tourism, Japan, South Korea and Thailand are still the first choice destinations for the southwest region residents. Domestic tourism – plateau, northwest region, the highest popularity, autumn is the plateau, the northwest region’s best tourist season. This year National Day, Daocheng Hongyuan, Aden, Jiuzhai Huanglong plateau and other classic lines still pursued by the public, Akesu Tuomuer and Tarim River, the Qinghai Lake in Xining and Kumbum Monastery, Dunhuang’s Mogao Grottoes and Crescent Spring are famous tourist destination in Northwest consultation. Outbound tourist routes in Southeast Asia — demand for convenient travel, Jiangbei Airport this year to achieve the direct flights to Tokyo and Dubai, at the same time, Pukki encryption Nha Trang and Singapore, and opened a new "diving paradise" Manado popular routes. It is reported that Tokyo – Osaka, Seoul – Jeju 6 day tour products continued selling Phuket, Nha Trang’s "pure play" and "tourism product’s diving theme" tourism products demand. Proposal after peak shifting affordable quality reporter from Jiangbei Airport was informed that 10 months late, "Jiuzhai – Huanglong – red" 4 tour products flying only 1500 yuan, "Phuket + Krabi" double island tour, "Singapore + Malaysian" all the best attractions tour, prices are not high quality products to 3000 yuan, suggestions for more flexible people choose to holiday travel, not only affordable, and Shao Jingmei.

国庆期间江北机场错峰出游攻略昨日,记者从重庆江北机场获悉,根据百度大数据的旅游预测,9月29日至30日重庆将迎来出游高峰。其中,在国内游方面,重庆跃居国庆黄金周“全国十大旅游出发地”之一;在出境游方面,日韩和泰国仍然是西南地区市民首选的目的地。国内游——高原、西北地区人气最高秋季是高原、西北地区最佳的旅游季节。今年国庆节,红原、稻城亚丁、九寨黄龙等经典高原线路仍受市民追捧,阿克苏的托木尔峰和塔里木河,西宁的青海湖和塔尔寺,敦煌的莫高窟和月牙泉等西北著名旅游目的地咨询人数较多。出境游——东南亚旅游线路需求旺盛为方便市民出行,江北机场今年实现了直飞东京和迪拜,同时加密了普吉、芽庄、新加坡的航班,并新开了“潜水天堂”美娜多等热门航线。据悉,东京-大阪、首尔-济州的6日游产品持续热销,普吉、芽庄的“纯玩”旅游产品和美娜多的“潜水主题”旅游产品需求旺盛。建议节后错峰游 价格实惠品质优记者从江北机场获悉,10月中下旬,“九寨-黄龙-红原”的四日游双飞产品仅售1500元起,“普吉+甲米”的双岛游、“新加坡+马来西亚”包揽所有精华景点的深度游等高品质产品价格均不到3000元,建议时间安排更灵活的市民选择节后出游,不仅价格实惠,而且人少景美。相关的主题文章: