The final Chinese iron product of dumping margin of 13.64% to 401.68% U.S. Chinese final iron product of dumping 24 U.S. Department of Commerce announced preliminary results, finds from China imported pulleys, and iron flywheel mechanical transmission parts of dumping and subsidization. U.S. Department of Commerce said in a statement on the same day, Chinese manufacturers dumping margin of 13.64% to 401.68%, the subsidy rate of 33.26% to 163.46%. The United States Department of Commerce will notify the US Customs to impose a margin on the Chinese producers and exporters of the above mentioned products as determined by the margin of dumping. In response to the Pennsylvania based TB Wood s’s complaint, the U.S. Department of Commerce in November 18th last year to launch anti-dumping and anti subsidy from the imported products Chinese (dual) investigation, these products on imports from Canada initiated anti-dumping investigations. The commerce department also announced the same day for Canadian exports to the U.S. market, such as iron pulley flywheel mechanical transmission parts anti-dumping investigation preliminary results, that the dumping margin of 100.47% to 191.67%. The U.S. Commerce Department will notify the customs in accordance with the final dumping margin of Canadian manufacturers and exporters of margin. (Zheng Qihang) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: