Ducks can also be listed, selling 2 billion 400 million a year, he is how to do it? In November 11th, the first brand of "leisure duck duck week officially listed on the HKEx rose on the first day. At the close, week coot stocks rose to 10%, to close at 6.52 yuan per share, market capitalization of 15 billion 100 million yuan. A duck company can also be listed? To earn a few dollars a year, it is money? To say this, but you know wronged weeks black duck, founded in 2002, week coot now has 715 stores, light a year in 2015 net profit of 550 million! It’s an absolute master of money! The founder of Zhou Yi Zhou Peng’s worth, but also with the listing of the week to reach nearly ten billion. 20 years ago, he was a guy in the street to open a halogen shop. He put the duck in the city today, relying on the "duck" net worth tens of billions, and billions of dollars in return for the Zhou family, Zhou Heiya employees, investors, this is the reality version of the story of chicken soup. 7 days from the loss of the income of the year to earn 550 million Zhou Peng experienced what? 1 duck shop painstaking research, made 300 thousand first venture, Zhou Peng because of such a smart fake brand Duck in Brown Sauce lost in a complete mess! Lose business Zhou Peng was anxious father called a "black sheep". But, also let Zhou Peng determined to study good Duck in Brown Sauce! Frequently run spice market, looking for spices taste, aroma boss ask material effect, borrowed books of spices verbatim into the night, to buy hundreds of ducks trial. Spend a few months, let people eat duck unique has finally made memorable. Business to reopen Luya shop in a vegetable market, and has its own name: "weekly smell duck". Because the duck taste good, it quickly became popular in the market, according to Zhou Peng revealed that one year he earned 300 thousand. 2 March into Beijing is catching up with the bird flu, the loss of the 7 day of the fire shop Zhou Peng 500 thousand, counterfeiters have begun to follow suit. In 2000, all the fake Guaiwei duck, Zhou Peng serious "weekly strange duck" business is bleak. In order to save the business, Zhou Peng decided to open up foreign markets. Because every time Zhou Penglu returned to Beijing with fellow said the ducks are welcome. He set a target for Beijing. 2003, the Spring Festival, Zhou Peng pulled a car worth 300 thousand ducks went to Beijing. Unfortunately, he caught up with "sars". At that time, the government’s management of poultry food stores is very strict, business license is impossible to grant. A month later, the "SARS" limelight, nominal "unlicensed shop opened Duck in Brown Sauce week coot". Every day to make people feel alarmed unlicensed business, just seventh days, it happened that the store was closed, yiershiwan equipment seized an empty shop, Duck in Brown Sauce forced closure. For the first time to enter the field market, Zhou Peng lost 500 thousand yuan in the end. 3 back home again, once the two dial investors refused, now bring one billion return back home again and Zhou Peng weeks black duck will, he learned that the Chongqing home do Lucai "bang bang chicken" has dozens of stores, saw Lucai can do so much, Zhou Pengtu ran to the brand with the full week coot confidence. And, to the "week.相关的主题文章: