Dry cargo – Sohu maternal postpartum edema that conditioning postpartum edema refers to postpartum women face or limb edema, partly because the uterus grows, affecting blood circulation caused by edema, or under the influence of progesterone, the body water metabolism variation and dropsy. Postpartum edema symptoms: mother pressed by hand subcutaneous fat less, such as the anterior leg, hand and so on, if the form of pits and needs 3~4 seconds to restore the hand after the depression, he said has been suffering from postpartum edema, need to recuperate. Postpartum why edema? Postpartum edema is mainly due to the retention of water in the body, can not be discharged smoothly. However, according to different symptoms of postpartum edema, there are some reasons for the difference. There are two main situations: one is in the lower limbs, the other is the body of the 21. If the mother’s edema occurs in the lower limbs, no more than the knee, then this edema must be a problem left during pregnancy edema, is a normal phenomenon. With the increase of postpartum urination and sweating, edema will gradually disappear. If there is systemic edema, and long duration, and accompanied by loss of appetite, dizziness, Mourinho pain and other symptoms, you need to check to the hospital, need to check whether there is disease, or coagulation, thrombosis of the vein. Postpartum edema how to do? Postpartum mother if there is edema, especially when accompanied by physical discomfort, you should consult a doctor in a timely manner, in addition, you can also pay attention to diet and exercise in the schedule of life. Mother in the event, do not maintain a posture for a long time, long standing or sedentary will form edema. When you have a rest, you should raise your legs properly, and put a pillow or stool in your leg. Diet is also very important, the mother should pay attention to eat less salt, because eating too much salt is in increasing concentration, let the water out of the body, but also can eat some food and water digestion. Swelling of the food with barley, red beans, such as carp, can be appropriate to increase the intake of these foods usually. In addition, the skin of ginger can also play the role of swelling, when cooking might put some skin in ginger. -End- welcome customer service molesting mother cows Bambi (WeChat: nainiumama06) —————————————– more exciting: please pay attention to WeChat public number: cow mother administrative micro-blog (ID:nainiu_mama) micro-blog: cow mother administrative micro-blog相关的主题文章: