Driver’s license to the new regulations in Shanghai since October 1st to take such a test driver’s license! Whether you are taking a driver’s license, or ready to take a driver’s license, friends, starting in October 1st, Shanghai people want to take this test driver’s license! Click to play GIF 67K Ministry of communications and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a new version of the "motor vehicle driving training teaching and examination outline" since October 1, 2016. The biggest change is the class hour! Among them, the largest amount of driving training C1 C2 models as an example, in a table to see the new "Outline" change periods. This means that the time is not enough, you are not about the test! The new outline of what did not learn to drive the influence on the people of Shanghai? Allow an increase in hours, but can not only reduce more than hours allowed to increase basic hours, but can not reduce the overall new hours than the original reduced hours but in the future is no longer a vague state relevant regulations and equipment will be standard training hours of learning, transparent, detailed theoretical teaching greatly increased the new syllabus increase theory teaching and clear theory classes, increase the multimedia teaching and simulation teaching which means that the driver training institutions not only to input hardware cost but also employ the theory teacher… Inside a school principal is that the training is not lower than the prescribed minimum mileage of 300 kilometers of new "Outline", the provinces should be based on the actual for each training, quasi driving mileage to make the relevant requirements, but not less than the minimum of 300 kilometers. This is the first time that the training mileage is required. In response to this provision, the industry is worried about the feasibility of its operation. Two, 31 pieces of training, a test about the industry analysis in the future will no longer be a finished two, finished three of the two test subjects and so on training mode to promote and encourage the families of two families and 31 blocks of training, a test about the training cost change regular driving school to learn to drive when the application fee is a one-time charge, regional and city, car costs vary greatly. Who will have to be pay. C2 card training price, generally higher than the price of C1 card. Under the new "Outline", the actual operation hours reduced, whether it will lead to training prices? The industry believes that if the new "Outline" is only to reduce the training time, training costs, learning costs are likely to decline. But the new "Outline" also stipulates that training mileage of not less than 300 km, which is likely to increase the cost of training, resulting in tuition increases. Turn to car driving test regulations, driving training as early as possible, some industry insiders believe that the notice issued under the previous ministries, to implement local need a period of time. Therefore, estimation of test content in the short term will not have too much adjustment. However, the new regulations have been clear, after training to learn to drive mileage of not less than 300 kilometers, so there is a car just to be students, or as early as possible to sign up to learn to drive. Insiders predict that the new regulations from the implementation of the need to implement a period of time, the student is mixed messages. The good news is: the future of the car driver’s license will be more and more "independent" driving service will be better test cars and more and more transparent and humanized GIF 312K Click to play the bad news: driving test fees will rise, once failed in the make-up cost more, also may be more difficult to get)相关的主题文章: