Dr. Zhu Haijiao: Children’s cold Raiders – Sohu maternal and child editor’s note: in the process of growing up, the child is almost inevitable. Because it is too common, so we are accustomed to. Many people think that children cold is a minor illness, do not pay attention to. But Dr. Zhu Haijiao said that if the treatment of children with cold or not timely treatment, can cause many serious complications, and even life-threatening. The baby from birth to adulthood in the process, almost no one can escape the cold invasion. Because it is too common, so accustomed. Many people think that children cold is a minor illness, do not pay attention to. In fact, if the treatment is not timely or improper treatment of children with cold, can cause many serious complications, and even life-threatening. Although the common cold is a common disease, but also can not be sloppy. A cold with a sense of the word "cold" means almost no one I do not know. But the bottom up, not everyone will understand. "Cold" is actually a non professional term, medically attributable to acute upper respiratory tract infection, which is caused by a variety of virus of acute upper respiratory tract inflammation, also referred to as "the flu". Therefore, the doctor in the diagnosis of children with colds to more "flu", and seldom use the word "cold". Of course "flu" and also more broadly, in addition to cold, including acute pharyngitis, tonsillitis and laryngopharyngitis etc.. The cause of influenza in children more than 90% of influenza caused by viral infection. Known to cause a variety of influenza virus, common influenza virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, Coxsackie virus, coronavirus, etc.. Cold good hair age: months ~6 years old, according to medical observation, a child with a cold several times the maximum age of the months to years. The main reason of the infants with cold is related to the immunity level. Because the immune function of newborn babies, although not yet mature, their immune system is very low, but will be obtained from the maternal immune antibody. This antibody can protect infants within a month from the flu and other viruses, known as passive immunization. As time goes on, the protective effect of passive immunity will gradually weaken. And the development of autoimmune function (active immunity) is generally to the age of maturity, and close to adult level. Therefore, ~6 months old is in the immune blank area, the most vulnerable to viruses and other violations, susceptible to colds and other infectious diseases. Cold season: winter and spring cold can occur throughout the year, but more in winter and spring. Spring and winter cold and flu may have the following reasons: in winter the temperature is low, temperature, cold and heat, the weather, children often make it difficult to adapt. Most children do not protect themselves, often arbitrarily add less clothing, so that cold invades the body caused by cold. Cold temperatures can make the respiratory mucosal vascular contraction, mucosal surface immunoglobulin secretion, mucosal barrier function weakened defense, easy to take advantage of a weak point virus. In cold weather, outdoor activities, exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet irradiation in reducing the opportunities, and ultraviolet light!相关的主题文章: