DOTA2 game player account equipment stolen Steam customer service refused to back recently, a game player in the Post Bar Post said his Steam account, the account within a large number of accessories trading loss record. But the water you angry is to ignore Steam customer transaction records available refused to provide it, for the game player back service accessories. The player said that his account has been over the account token, in the case of obvious theft, V service should strive to protect the interests of the players to help players recover stolen jewelry. V Club customer service explained: we understand that the loss of goods is a frustrating thing, but we will not reply to your lost items. In reply to the goods, we can only copy them to restore them. However, the original article will reduce its rarity, low market value of the goods and disrupt the existing market competition, directly affect each user to participate in the transaction, in order to maintain all users of the library value, we will not copy items to reply account lost items. V agency’s explanation, causing a lot of players hot. Previously, there are a lot of players and players due to the account was stolen, and ultimately through the success of the V agency to find their own equipment, players have said that the user is, why the difference so big? And Steam every transaction has a record, must be copied in order to retrieve equipment questioned. V agency in the end should not help players find jewelry? What do you think of this matter? (swim for a long time)相关的主题文章: