Internet-and-Business-Online Have you ever heard of the saying: you get what you pay for? What about the saying It takes money to make money? If you have heard of these sayings, maybe you have even had instances in your daily life that has proven these sayings are true? If this is the case, then you may want to ask yourself what it is you really think that you are going to gain from joining a free-to-join program? Think about it for a moment, you are joining for free, youre in a down line and people you have referred are also joining for free. Are you ever going to upgrade? Consider this question truthfully, if your answer is no, then how can you expect any of your down line to upgrade? If no one upgrades in your down line, you have done a whole lot of work referring these people to this program and how much money will you have earned from their membership? Not one penny! Worse still you have wasted your time! Time is money after all so you have cost yourself money and not gained nothing. An affiliate program that is free to join and apparently offers everyone the chance to make hundreds of dollars each month really sounds a little too good to be true! That is because it is too good to be true! Dont just take the word of some person with a web site, ask people that are making a good profit from the internet about free to join programs, see what they have to say about them. In the internet marketing business and with a lot of things in life, the way to succeed is to find out what successful people are doing to be so successful. When you know what they are doing, COPY them! Do exactly as they are doing! If you are lucky enough to know someone that is successful personally, ask them as many questions and learn as much as you can about the way they do things and the affiliate program criterion they work on. One thing you are going to find, is successful entrepreneurs and Internet marketers have all invested both time and money to get where they are. They didnt get rich from of free-to-join ventures. If you can find one successful person who is making a great income from free-to-join programs, not just someone on a web page telling (or selling) this program, but one successful flesh and blood person that you really know has made a good income from free-to-join programs, I would love to meet him! A free-to-join program is very enticing and easy to join. You really must ask yourself if you are going to upgrade or, in all truthfulness, what are the real chances of making any money from this program? What are the chances of this being a waste of your time and ultimately costing you money? The time you have spent on a free program could have been spent on a better program that would ultimately make you money? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: