Don’t think the middle is very bright, and you do not understand the middle for debts – Sohu financing in a period of time, the plight of the middle class caused a lot of people resonate, become temporarily hot, but few people see the reasons behind this dilemma, but these reasons also rely on personal efforts to change the. First look at the reasons for the difficulties China middle class: first, real estate has become the new three mountains the last straw breaks the camel’s oppression Chinese: housing, health, education, housing has become the largest middle class source of stress and anxiety, Chinese prices deformity, already have a middle overdraft life couldn’t repay. His wife, parents, relatives and friends dragged into the water, to a suite in the first-tier cities, affordable, and life for the slaves, in the most creative age, has since been occupied the mind to do the mortgage, more long-term plans, but did not dare adventure. Can not afford, income growth lags far behind the growth of housing prices, more and more desperate, many people with extreme economy to raise Shoufu, some people choose to gamble, speculation in the bubble, such as chase outlet, such as public entrepreneurship, they are not really in order to realize the dream, but they know that by working want to sell, only despair. Second, the middle is the main source of agricultural tax country individual tax exempt already, there are rich agricultural subsidies, and tax avoidance by capital money, skill, hard to receive their tax, high tax burden and finally fell to the middle body. Personal income tax (low threshold, high tax rate). 3500 of the starting point, which means that white-collar workers from the first day of work began to deduct personal income tax, more than 80 thousand parts, the tax rate as high as 45%, meaning that half of the money will be used to pay taxes The consumption tax (China social class, basically two do not pay taxes, the most bitter, but as the main consumer of the middle class is faced with high consumption tax, the rise of the sea Amoy, and high consumption tax at abroad, high income, things are cheap, the same one thousand yuan Apple mobile phone, the difference reached 1000 yuan, tax is high, however, is not the end, and the inflation tax. The inflation tax) inflation tax strictly not open tax, and an implicit tax, is a recessive form of rulers to plunder the wealth of the people, formerly called seigniorage, the devaluation is through the people’s money to the rulers. China’s current inflation, resulting in an annual depreciation of about 5%-10% of the currency, that is, you deposit 100 yuan in the bank, a year later, take out only to buy $90 of things, then, that $10? Of course the rulers took the money. According to statistics, China’s reform and opening up 30 years, the devaluation of the currency by a factor of 58, that is, you saved up to $30 a year ago, today can only get out of the $5.8 to buy things, and the rest were taken away, you know. Third, social security and social welfare of the middle China abandoned due to the reform, then through the buyout approach, so that a large number of laid-off workers of state-owned enterprises, so there are huge social security and social security has been in deficit, China take refinance old debt mode, that is we.相关的主题文章: