Don’t ignore your baby’s diet! [Abstract] the baby to eat is one of the most important things, mothers are afraid of their own baby nutrition is not enough, will be the best thing for the baby to eat, but mothers have overlooked some important details, here’s a look at what the details is worth mothers attention. Details of the 1: feeding time WHO suggested that exclusive breastfeeding baby can add a food supplement in 6 months; and for mixed or artificial feeding the baby, in 4 ~ 6 months to add complementary. That is to say, if the milk is sufficient, can add a slight delay time; if not enough, you also need to add milk powder as a supplement, it should be a little bit early feeding. But each baby individual developmental differences, should add complementary, not to see the calendar, but 6 months is not mandatory targets, but to see whether the baby is ready to accept food. La Leche League suggested that mothers should observe the following points "ready" signs: 1, the baby refused to have the ability to express, that baby do not want to eat, close your mouth turned, "I don’t want to tell my mother!". If you don’t have the power, you’re just trying to plug into something you don’t need. 2, the baby can not help, sitting on his own, the neck can stand upright. 3, the baby’s tongue vomiting reflex disappeared, and have the ability to swallow. 4, the baby showed great interest in adults eat, and can reach out to grab food. 4 to 6 months is just a time range, not to say that the increase must be in a month or 6 months. Because the most began to add complementary, to success is almost 1 to 2 months. This process your child and to conduct a "tug of war", so it is possible for 4 months when it has already begun to add a food supplement, but by 6 months when children really accept. Details: 2 weaning time in general, there are two situations in the process often easy to add complementary: one is anxious, want the baby mother strong, regardless of the baby’s digestion, blindly add complementary, resulting in baby indigestion or anorexia; the other is a mother do not pay enough attention to add food supplement, think of themselves the sufficient milk, feeding too much trouble, 8 ~ 9 months baby breast milk only, so it is prone to anemia and rickets baby, also increased the difficulty in weaning. Therefore, mothers should be aware of the significance of adding food supplement for children, learn to add food science. The baby to eat milk and food supplement should be carried out in parallel. Not because of broken milk began to eat food supplement, but in the broken milk before feeding have been very good to eat, so off the breast before and after feeding and weaning did not change significantly, should not affect the baby normal food supplement. If the mother breast milk is sufficient, the baby is willing to eat the food outside the breast milk, do not forcibly interrupt the breast milk, can let nature go to 2 years old and then completely weaned. If the baby refused to eat other foods other than breast milk, to the baby about 1 years old can be considered completely weaned. To eat is one of the most important things for the baby, mothers are afraid of their children’s nutrition is not enough, the best thing to eat to the baby, but mothers have overlooked some important details, the following.相关的主题文章: