Don’t brag about Changan "Auchan Auchan speed" has nothing to do with the MPV – car Sohu recently, news about brush sales break one hundred thousand car Auchan burst car circle, reports are also more concerned with "Auchan speed.". What "MPV in the market of new power", "industry in spring", "walking price king" and so on, is flying in the sky, exaggeration. Although Changan Auchan listed soon gains Qixiao, but had to admit, Auchan and another rival Wuling Hongguang still has great gap. More let Changan hung up is looking at the continuing malaise in the high-end models, the bias in the low-end Auchan car is like a raging fire. So, in the face of people outside the industry in the "Auchan speed", Changan in the end of the joy of the news? Don’t pull on MPV, independent of MPV and Chinese Auchan automobile market started late, this is an indisputable fact. Fortunately, the pace of development of China’s auto market, but it is difficult to compare any country. The history of the development of automobile China, Beibei in this is not too much to say, but it is certain that those with propaganda, with a word game by chaos, it is a big blow China car market dream. Take the MPV market segments, the breakdown of models from the United States, but in the Chinese market to develop and grow". Just check the MPV sales list, those with a great reputation "indeed let other large sales segmentation models with worship. But the fact is that the price of a few million, uneven quality, often used to express the industry model can really be called MPV? Back to the Auchan, from manufacturers and products this slogan is not difficult to see, Changan really want to Auchan to show people the image of MPV, 7, household, happiness and other words is filled in between the lines. Is the so-called smell way have successively, specialize in, looking at the Wuling Hongguang in "micro" segments of the market to sell fast, if Auchan brand and price to single face Wuling Hongguang, will let Wuling Hongguang gain victory with unstained swords. The strategic plan to Auchan fought, the focus of family is active, but also helpless. Just imagine, to meet a 6 or 7 car demand (Auchan is also the main 2+2+2 and 2+2+3), only if there are old with the young segments. In other words, the group in 70s 60, consumer groups, including some 80 and 90 consumers, consumers can hardly choose this kind of vehicle auchan. Just imagine how many consumers will be directed at the multi manned idea to buy a Changan Auchan? Not to mention itself to buy MPV consumers, do not think of Changan Auchan, because in most people’s eyes, Auchan simply has nothing to do with the MPV. It is at best a minivan, or is commonly known as the van. "Auchan speed" is not all good frankly, Auchan hot or let Changan Heart Music bloom. But after all, after all, Auchan belonging to Changan’s business, with Changan in recent years, the car product matrix and pay close attention to Never mind too much. Look back at the Changan automobile, its 1-9 monthly sales totaled 535 thousand and 700 units, compared with.相关的主题文章: