The outgoing chairman Dong Mingzhu GREE group responded that resign Sina Financial News on November 11th news, many media reports that Dong Mingzhu has not worked in the GREE group, the future is only the chairman and President of GREE electric appliances and the legal representative person. In this regard, GREE responded that Dong Mingzhu is based on the relevant provisions of the state and I intend to resign as chairman of GREE group, still continue to serve as chairman and CEO of GREE. Some analysts have said that the personnel adjustment, Zhuhai SASAC may be in 2018 to make the general layout of the shareholders of GREE electric appliances, increase the control of GREE. GREE responded that this is a normal change in the work, Zhuhai SASAC will also support the general work as in the past. According to the analysis, Dong Mingzhu resignation may not be related to the relevant provisions of the state-owned enterprise leaders are not allowed to participate in employee stock ownership. In August 18th, the SASAC issued "on the development of state-owned holding enterprises of mixed ownership ESOP pilot opinions", the "opinions" in the provisions of the "state-owned enterprise leaders appointed Party Central Committee and the State Council and the local Party committees, the government and its departments and agencies shall not hold stocks". According to GREE’s third quarter earnings report, GREE group as a state-owned legal person, the shareholding ratio reached 18.22%, is the largest shareholder of GREE. Dong Mingzhu’s shareholding ratio was 0.74%, the largest shareholder. Original title: GREE response: Dong Mingzhu resigned Zhuhai SASAC will continue to support the work of the responsibility editor: Zhang Hai Lei相关的主题文章: