Do not let children watch TV is afraid to affect vision? You think it’s too simple! The Sohu will give your mother mother pretty children watching TV and playing mobile phone? Before I had this topic in the public number of a small survey found that many of the children around him to varying degrees, infected with the mobile phone TV addiction. Some babies although only one or two years old, be obsessed with electronic products has come not to see it do not eat it, in order to let the children be able to finish a meal, mobile phone TV to coax baby logical artifact. Of course, everyone knows that the children are often exposed to these electronic products is not very good, but if you really want to ask what harm, almost everyone will give such a reason: watching TV playing mobile phone easy to hurt the eyes, myopia. Q01: watching TV, playing mobile phones really affect vision? Have to say, the answer is no.. Are you surprised? Staring at the electronic screen for a long time is certainly easy to see it, from small to large parents and teachers are not so warned? In fact, the child will have a lot of myopia and parental genes, that is, one or both parents of children with myopia is most likely to suffer from myopia. We think the most likely to cause several cases of myopia, such as long time reading, watching TV, playing mobile phone, reading, in the dim light of malnutrition will not cause myopia, does not increase the degree of myopia. (American Academy of Pediatrics view) that is to say, children often watch TV and play mobile phone or tablet computer will not cause permanent damage to his eyes, just a long time staring at the screen when the children blink will be reduced, so it is easy to make eye fatigue. The fatigue state and the children read books for a long time when the situation is exactly the same, as long as the child a long time staring at the same object (no matter what) may cause eye fatigue, the best way is to shift his attention, remind him to take a rest. In addition, every day with more children to outdoor activities on the protection of vision is also very good, can be the greatest degree of ease eye fatigue. Q02: since watching TV, playing mobile phones will not affect the vision, it is not safe to play for children? The answer is: absolutely not. I believe a lot of people read the text in front of it is about to secretly relieved, because finally found a reason to be assured that the child to the electronic nanny, but, I really was to pour cold water. While watching TV and playing mobile phone will not cause damage to the child’s vision, but if your child learns to use these electronic products even addicted to remind you: throw it quickly turn off the TV and mobile phone! They are not really good! 1, more and more research on the impact of language development, found that the number of children who often watch TV on the mobile phone, the chance to speak late is significantly higher than that of children of the same age. The younger the child, the more able to screen effective organization a quickly flashed up, even if he learned from the electronic products in some languages, it is mechanical, rigid, in fact he does not know how to use this)相关的主题文章: