Pungent smoke choked children crying every night for seven or eight hours (Figure) barbecue shop new repair of the flue and the main flue. Yesterday, who lives in the Yungang Road north of the city of Yubei District residence of Mr. Wang to the Chongqing morning news reporters reflect, from the beginning of last week, every night the corridor is smoky, and a pungent smell of barbecue, "feeling like a barrel in cigarette smoked bacon in the US is hanging the bacon!" The smell of smoke from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.. At noon yesterday, the Chongqing morning news reporters came to Mr. Wang live north mansion No. 2. At noon, and did not smoke what 2 floor each floor in the aisle, when a reporter to live here the neighbors when asked: "when everyone Voices of discontent. More than 9 o’clock in the evening, the taste is pungent, generally do not have the day." Who lives in building 2, floor 3, Mr. Zhao said, in the corridor at night appeared pungent smoke of the person is probably from the beginning of last Monday, after almost every day. The corridor was filled with smoke drifting around, and four or five in the morning to go to disperse. Neighbors said that the smell of smoke has also spread out the taste of coke paste, did not dare to hold the child out last night to hold out once choked cry." Live on the 2 floor of Liu Niangniang is a half year old baby home since the night after the smoke in the corridor, one family rarely at that time holding the children go out for a walk. In the beginning, the neighbors do not know this sudden smoke is where you come from, until two or three days later, the neighbors gathered together to chat, we only know the 2 Building 5 floor of the following layers are all occupied. Where did the smoke come from? Neighbors began to look over every night smoke struck, but later found, as long as the elevator door opened, there is a stream of smoke ran out!" Live in 2 floor of Ms. Lin told reporters, in addition to the elevator shaft, the door in the corridor weak well will be kept out of the smoke. Smoke seals not cause serious leakage for residents to reflect the situation of the oil smoke corridor every night, the Chongqing morning news reporters to the north of the city residence property was questioned. Property staff, said: last week, a small area of two buildings rented a facade to a barbecue stalls, smoke is from there." The first floor, North City mansion negative two floor is a street facade, on Monday, two floor of a facade was rent opened a barbecue shop, because the store has no outlet, barbecue shop owner opened in the rear wall of the flue, and is located at the main exhaust flue negative on the top of the two floor parking garage connected. In the past, there has never been able to produce such a large oil fume restaurant, coupled with the construction of the developers, the seal around the smoke Lane is not good, resulting in serious leakage of smoke. Every night, the business hours of the barbecue shop has become the 2 floor of the bottom of the suffering of households." Property management staff said, from last week found smoke leakage, every night they will by floor check smoke leakage place, again a trap, "weak wells and elevator well with flue close together, the developers had not used the cement seal, resulting in a lot of brick joints and cracks." However, although continuous trap for several days, but until yesterday, still hang相关的主题文章: