Business There are so many factors that a man needs to think before he makes a proposal to a woman. The first and the most ideal choice is to gift her diamond engagement ring. Now-a-days there are Unique Engagement Rings and Custom Engagement Rings that are available in lot of stores. Before you decide to buy a diamond ring there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Rings .e in various sizes and shapes for instance there are Halo Engagement Rings, Pave Engagement Rings and a lot more. There are lot of brides to be who are very specific about the way their engagement ring needs to look. For women who are so specific, it is re.mended that you take them along when you go to buy or be very sure of what they would like. There are also options to customize your engagement rings. There are a lot of stores from where you can order rings. When you buy the ring be sure what size is apt for your bride to be. The size of the diamond depends on the carat size. An ideal size is a diamond which is two carats. This size sparkle in the hands of most of the women. Try avoiding the diamond that is very huge. Initially it might be very nice but then when working with the ringing on a daily basis might be a little difficult. Especially, after you have kids huge diamonds will be a big hindrance Once you decide on the size, you need to decide on the shape. Round is the most preferred shape. But then those who want to look different can choose shapes like square and oval. Square shapes tend took look bigger though the carats might be less. The authentic and traditional round shape sparkles well. The last but not the least is the design of the ring. Even if the ring that you have picked is a solitaire you need to like the way it is attached to the band. The most popular way of attaching is with the help of a collar. Though a traditional method, this is the one that is still preferred. So, take utmost care and choose the right ring to impress your girl. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: