Depression is "hard"? A depression to correct the four misunderstanding — Sichuan channel — original title: depression is "hard"? About depression to correct the four misunderstanding, people’s network Beijing September 29 (Wang Yupeng) some people feel bad mood is "depression", some people think that depression is not a disease, "want to open point" is good, there is no need to go to the hospital. Beijing Anding Hospital depression treatment center attending physician Hu Changqing said, for depression, neither too much fear, can not be taken lightly, as soon as possible to see a doctor, adhere to medication, good compliance, you can get a good effect. A misunderstanding: "not happy" is the "depression" Hu Changqing, the real depression, "mood" to at least two weeks, affecting the daily work and life, and is not just a bad mood, and anxiety, lack of interest and loss of pleasure, "what do feel boring." in addition, some patients also have chest tightness, gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms of somatic anxiety. Therefore, we cannot simply consider the depression as depression. Error two: depression by psychological counseling can be good, Hu Changqing said, some patients think the family, depression is a psychological problem, do ideological work, emotional counseling can be good, need not go to the hospital treatment. In fact, depression is a disease, especially to moderate and severe, which requires comprehensive treatment of drug therapy, physical therapy and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, because patients do not pay attention to or being "stigma", depression treatment rate of less than 4%, that is to say, there are 96% patients who are not aware of, or not to go to the hospital to check. Less than 10% of the patients with depression received treatment. "Even in the hospital diagnosed with depression, some because of economic reasons, some worried about side effects of drugs, some think that they can adjust well, there are still some patients do not receive formal treatment."." Myth three: taking drugs can produce dependency and side effects, Hu Changqing says. Some patients believe that the drug will produce dependence, take it can not stop, or bring side effects, and therefore exclude medication. In fact, antidepressant drugs alone do not make patients dependent. But some prescription medications for anxiety and insomnia, such as valium drugs, may be dependent on long-term, regular use, but these drugs are often needed only for short-term use because they don’t have to worry too much. Some patients in the use of antidepressants, gastrointestinal reaction occurs, this situation is generally temporary, do not worry when encountered, insist on taking medicine will disappear in about a week. Misunderstanding four: symptoms can reduce drug withdrawal stress medication, because features are easy to relapse of depression, patients after antidepressant treatment, there is still the risk of recurrence of 35%, if the three attack, did not receive maintenance therapy in patients, the probability of recurrence is almost 100%. Antidepressants are slow and the fastest is two weeks, so don’t take the medicine and feel that you can’t see it immediately, and think it doesn’t work, and most of them relapse

抑郁症就是“想不开”?关于抑郁症要纠正四个误区–四川频道–人民网 原标题:抑郁症就是“想不开”?关于抑郁症要纠正四个误区   人民网北京9月29日电 (王宇鹏)有人觉得心情不好就是“得抑郁症了”,有人觉得抑郁症不是疾病,“想开点”就好了,没必要去医院。北京安定医院抑郁症治疗中心主治医师胡昌清表示,对于抑郁症,既不必太过恐惧,也不能掉以轻心,尽早就诊,坚持服药,有好的依从性就可以获得好的疗效。   误区一:“不开心”就是“抑郁了”   胡昌清介绍,真正的抑郁症,“心情低落”要至少持续两周,影响其日常工作、生活,而且不仅仅表现为情绪不好,还有焦虑不安,兴趣缺乏和乐趣丧失,“做什么都觉得没意思”,此外有些患者还出现胸闷、胃肠道不适等躯体焦虑的症状。因此,不能将暂时的心情不好简单地归结为抑郁。   误区二:抑郁症靠心理疏导就能好   胡昌清表示,有些患者的家人认为,抑郁症是心理问题,做做思想工作,情绪疏导就能好,不需要到医院治疗。实际上,抑郁症是一种疾病,尤其是发展到了中度和重度,需要进行药物治疗、物理治疗和心理治疗相结合的综合治疗。遗憾的是,由于患者不重视或者存有“病耻感”,抑郁症的就诊率不到4%,也就是说,还有96%的患者没有意识到,或者不愿意到医院进行检查。在抑郁症患者中,只有不到10%接受了治疗。“即便是在医院确诊患有抑郁症,有些因为经济原因,有些担心药物副作用,有些认为自己能够调节好,仍有部分患者不接受正规治疗。”   误区三:服用药物会产生依赖性和副作用   胡昌清表示,有些患者认为服药会产生依赖性,服用上就停不下来,或者带来副作用,因而排斥服药。事实上,抗抑郁药物本身是不会给患者带来依赖性的。但有些合并治疗患者焦虑和失眠的处方药物,例如安定类药品,可能在长期、规律服用情况下会存在一定依赖性,但这类药品往往只是需要患者短期服用,因为不必过度担心。还有些患者在服用抗抑郁药物时,会出现胃肠道反应,这种情况一般是暂时的,遇到时不用担心,坚持服药一周左右就会消失。   误区四:症状缓解了就可以减药停药   之所以强调按时服药,是因为抑郁症有容易复发的特点,患者经过抗抑郁治疗,仍有35%的复发几率,如果三次发作、未接受维持治疗的患者,今后复发的概率几乎是100%。“抗抑郁药物起效慢,最快也要两周,所以不要吃完药觉得不能立刻看到效果,就认为没有作用,并且,大部分复发的患者是因为过早停药而复发的,在治疗过程中要听从医嘱,坚持服药,这样才能获得稳定的疗效。” 胡昌清说。 (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章: