The internet medical model debate: issues such as the emergence of high profit investment enthusiasm of internet medical mode debate Zheng Yuxin from 1994 start date, nine medical safety through the traditional hardware production, OEM business transformation, now build a healthy ecosystem of chronic disease management. The determination of the medical chairman Liu Yi transformation of the Internet is very firm, he believes that the Internet is to promote the change of traditional medical and medical industry, these changes are not only the efficient use of medical resources to improve, more is the change of medical mode and the "exploration and innovation now is a good opportunity to become the world leader". According to the National Health Planning Commission issued a report on the status of Chinese residents nutrition and chronic diseases (2015), the number of deaths caused by chronic diseases accounted for 86.6% of the total number of deaths in 2012. Chronic disease is characterized by long-term intervention can control the disease, reduce the occurrence of complications, but the data is difficult to record, poor patient stickiness is a major problem. Under the development of the Internet, access to mobile medical data platform through the hardware entrance, you can facilitate self-management and self-management of patients with remote intervention. Many entrepreneurs took a fancy to this market opportunity. Digital investors said they are considering investing in some of the slow disease management platform, but there are investors that slow disease management project data is not accurate, the problem is not high viscosity. Not only is the slow disease management platform, internet medical sector investors have greater differences in attitude, which also indicates that the Internet is facing some difficulties in health care. 2017, the Internet is still an active topic in the field of health care. The investment enthusiasm Chinese serious uneven distribution of medical resources, registration is difficult, difficult, poor doctor-patient communication ills years change, many people expect to improve the efficiency of the Internet, in order to better redistribution of medical resources. 2014 is considered the first year of the development of Internet medical. "ReMED2015 Chinese medical Internet development report" shows, 2011 Chinese internet medical industry to obtain financing totaling $26 million, then the amount of financing growth in recent years, the amount of financing to the internet medical disclosure in 2014 for $691 million. The rise in the amount of investment also reflects the interests of entrepreneurs side, a start-up company to get the money, there will be countless similar to follow suit. 2011 rain doctors to get A round of financing when NOKIA mobile phone is still popular, rain doctors also developed the Symbian system. Perhaps that time rain doctors do not many people were concerned, 2014 rain doctors get $fifty million C round of financing, has been the emergence of a lot of online inquiry platform. Cloud capital founder Wang Jun told reporters, at present all kinds of mobile medical App APP cloud testing platform Testin platform services, comprehensive competitiveness of mobile medical App more than five thousand different segments of the channel in the development continued, "this is the popularity of mobile Internet makes the original medical health service from the line and PC transfer to, and at the same time because of the convenience of personal property, the mobile terminal data collection and payment, which makes good health App users operating on price相关的主题文章: