"Dear princess," Zhang Yuxi disease Mike awareness of life experience – Sohu entertainment   Mike advertising Sohu entertainment news by Sohu in directed, produced, art director Qi Wei, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Bairong, Mike, Taixing Du Yan starring adorable love idol drama "dear princess," [opera] non disease membership has launched nine sets, with a little pink interactive story and the high yen value cast, let users see them go. However, in the upcoming tenth non members of the focus, the Princess knight combination was changed frequently before the sweet sweet tone, turn the micro wind". Jiang Nianyu (MIKE) in saw Lin Xingchen (Zhang Yuxi) and Zheng Chuyao (Chen Bairong ornaments) to shoot the wedding after depressed unceasingly, but in the forest the stars encounter difficulties a guardian of the promise of abuse in the sweet, full sound story full of surprise.   Mike rescued Zhang Yuxi Knight fell dejected "rabbit" took the opportunity to provoke the tenth focus, Dolly group faces serious commercial crisis, the plight of the aunt Lin Zheng Jia hope to get support, then let the stars Lin and Zheng Chuyao together as a model of wedding photography, and advertising coverage throughout the city, and the stars have moved the heart of the forest Zheng Chuyao is a potentially important market "in the name of the advertising investment to four college, to see photos of the river Nianyu fell dejected. In addition, Lin mother also sent bodyguard hit "rabbit" in Yangyang home stalls, let it stay away from Zheng Chuyao. Just be Nianyu refused to Yangyang Jiang cried and found his home, Lin bluntly because too love stars Zheng Chuyao, will be jealous of head, every word in the relationship between the stars and the Nianyu provoke Lin jiang. Fortunately, although in Yangyang cry but delicate and touching, Jiang Nianyu still choose to believe Lin stars, believe that she’s not like that.   Zhang Yuxi Wedding Princess knight a guardian of life awareness compared to the promise Yangyang softhearted stubborn President Lin Xingchen with a secret arrow, but because the "stall events" back home and her theory, even threatened her if you don’t stop this kind of behavior will be ruined and Zheng Chuyao’s marriage. Aunt Lin angrily will star in a locked room, she was not allowed to go out. And to find the Lins people Jiang Nianyu accidentally heard aunt Lin and stars in my mother’s dialogue, and know the Lin Xingchen sishengnv identity, in the face of Lin stars anxious mother, Jiang Nianyu directly promised: "rest assured, I will save her out, I will protect her, I won’t let anyone hurt her." Let people warm heart and moved. What Jiang Nianyu will want to what way to save the stars out of the forest? They will also experience the feelings of what kind of test? Can you going out? In September 9th, Sohu with exclusive video you witness, Princess knight protect love blazing road.相关的主题文章: