Dalian customs first try to "respect the precedent" reform – Beijing Beijing in November 1 Dalian Xinhua (reporter Yang Yi) Dalian customs November 1st disclosed, the Dalian customs took the lead in the country to try to "respect the classified reform, formally established the precedent" and "respect the customs classification precedent" working system. Customs classification refers to the customs according to the existing provisions of an import and export goods to customs in particular encoding, the encoding will directly correspond to the import and export of goods required taxes, license etc.. Dalian customs "classified reform respect precedent" refers to the enterprise before any domestic ports have import and export goods, the customs clearance formalities at the port of Dalian in the future, the customs will no longer audit the commodity classification, but directly in accordance with previous results. In the morning, FAW (Dalian) Trading Co. Ltd. import declaration to the customs of Dalian a number of auto parts smooth customs clearance, this batch of auto parts has become the Dalian customs "classified respect precedent" after the start of reform of customs clearance and release the first consignment. Unlike in the past, the customs clearance of the customs classification process only 4, only when the use of 20 minutes. Previously, due to customs officers and corporate cognitive and other factors, the same kind of goods is likely to occur in different ports of different classification, different time and different classification in the practice of law enforcement, enterprises of import and export goods in different ports when there is great uncertainty, also have no small impact on the timeliness of the customs clearance. After the implementation of the customs classification of precedent policy, the customs departments are no longer classified audit, reducing the classification of disputes, but also greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance, saving the cost of customs clearance." FAW (Dalian) Trading Co. Ltd. Forwarders minister Li Hai said the move to improve commodity classification accuracy, consistency, timeliness, classification of goods smoothly done or easily solved the problem. Deputy director of Dalian customs classification center of the Yellow River said that the implementation of the system is a great innovation in the customs law enforcement idea and principle, the next step, Dalian customs will also optimize the classification consistency of settlement mechanism, and constantly improve the classification of precedent supporting system. (end)相关的主题文章: