"Dad" Tian Liang Cai Guoqing and his son Sha Yi on the 4 rally tonight at eight mango TV, "daddy go" in the fourth quarter of the first phase of the program in the hot line, adorable baby daddy, sometimes warm child heart, joy and fun, wonderful journey in the laughter and tears flying. Practice native daddy PK daddy, Cai Guoqing suddenly fell thrilling pass, Sha Yi collapses were bottom. Adorable baby love dinner, Cai Guoqing was warm cry moved whirlwind tears. Meat daddy PK dad Cai Guoqing smash risk pass this season "Dad" joined our adorable baby, handsome boy Li Yihang and adorable girl Cui Yahan, double aspect. In order to get the kids of all ages, meat daddy Dong Li and Huang to come up with their column force staged elegant skill of looking after the house, Dong Olympic fencing skill level, the Yellow column on the spot caused by "you" sing along the way, the last two adorable treasure their appointed right practice when dad, let meat are heart warming "the". What is the value of the high strength strong practice Yan father superior, or love full of experienced native father advantage, dad and dad secretly practice native rivalry everywhere. In the classic house grab, do the game, full of PK. In order to make their own baby eat well live well, face the challenge of dads. Daddy a strong practice, father Sha Yi and Cai Guoqing in the original, most feel pressure Alexander, Sha Yi stressed that "I also practiced the" Cai Guoqing activities with my old legs, recalled his decades ago also practiced gymnastics. The real challenge, Cai Guoqing overexert suddenly fell on his face, almost startling, but in all the partners to help, he repeatedly pass, Sha Yi become the bottom. Adorable baby baby pit father father becomes warm love cry dad although all claiming to be the father, but the father who has frequently pit baby. Sha Yi and his father seemed to move the expression pack, this season to play funny. However, Sha Yi is also a pit baby God Father, rob the room, easily left his son Anji, to his son wearing an ugly hat, as if a cabbage. Daddy is a lack of practice experience, frequent mistakes, small meat suddenly dangdie, in the face of the girl’s hair, completely not more exaggerated, left foot and right foot shoes on the wrong order, adorable baby toddlers. Even the old driver Tian Liang, also take small liangzai when walking up the baby Laiqianbai journeyman, times, led to his son mistook the father called "uncle". Although the father was "pit", adorable baby who was a match a warm heart. Cai Guoqing finger burns, the son of a small celebration for the father close to the drug. When Dad cooking, adorable baby adorable help, knead face, take a bowl, string meat string, borrow ingredients, all of them are small kitchen experts. Good dinner, they also know how to share with partners to see the small bright boy brought the cake, Cai Guoqing moved to tears wet eyes. The weather is getting cold, adorable baby collective of long johns for Dad to buy. Sha Yi was excited, said the first filial son. The shopping process, all the adorable baby show personality, Arale Cui Yahan talking funny all over the property, can complete the task, so that Dad secretly worried. Late 20:00 mango TV adorable baby daddy on the line, dads will collectively watch first period, Dad see daddy whole mango live.相关的主题文章: