"Dad alone" Jiang Xin fancy cheating   Guoli Zhang, people.com.cn complain incessantly entertainment channel — people.com.cn in recent years, when many domestic star busy shuttle the reality show Guoli Zhang was speeding, provoking a variety reality show of the beam, the general director as "we" through the program, Guoli Zhang said the teacher, in his at the age of more than and 60 to do a variety show, because the program Chinese reduction historical situation, transfer both entertainment and transfer of historical knowledge, each story is down to earth. He believes that as China’s Contemporary TV practitioners should focus on China, tell a good story in China, and said he would adhere to realism theme works. By Guoli Zhang, starring in the TV series, "the father of the family" is a realistic theme of the works, the role of the characters in the shape of the simple temperament of Guoli Zhang, with a strong local characteristics of china. Guoli Zhang insisted on realism about the good story "Dad alone" as the main "family" family drama, it is the killer — create a fresh and good story. "Dad alone" will many family problems Chinese features fully integrated into the play, and Guoli Zhang in the interpretation of the role of the real shape of the Chinese father a pure, this strong Chinese taste, can obtain the most audience believe. A little crazy old meat and meat from the early years of the drama "Kangxi incognito travel" "hissharp Ji Xiaolan", to this year’s "father and son" halfway "love track", Guoli Zhang starred in the TV series has achieved good results. This time, Guoli Zhang in the "Dad" when playing a single father right to play ", and female man Jiang Xin as his two daughter, granddaughter wedding secret, heaven, and so on have been pregnant Oolong let Guoli Zhang feel a headache, there are several other troubled daughter with the father, the face of their own group" confused little meat, Guoli Zhang complain incessantly, known as the father of national " " whether he can have when this home? "Dad believe alone" true story and the actors soulful interpretation, each theater audience can find a deep resonance. Really good play without the hype is no big news to show a grasp of a lot of TV drama before broadcasting every kind of broke, although in a short period of time to win the attention, but there are a lot of goods is not good, the story eventually cannot get the audience’s attention difference. "Dad alone" as the urban family drama types with highlights, the drama interpretation of the special wengxu relations, inter generational family also brings together love, affection, enemies and other elements, so that the design of the plot of this drama is more three-dimensional full play with suspense story line in the same class for TV dramas are rare. Than the average family drama more real, twists and turns, down to earth, can infect the audience more subtle. "Dad alone" by the Beijing gold partner television media Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Changsheng Television Productions Ltd, Hairun Television Productions Ltd CO produced, the play is not without limit of curiosity, not to see the ugliness of human nature, do tell the truth each family will encounter problems, this drama is full of positive energy, value)相关的主题文章: