Cuilong Zhu: the most important goal of winning fair powerless to help fellow relegation – Sports Super Late Ming Sohu ending the war officially started, Jiangsu Suning home court against Liaozu, must get 1 points to ensure successful relegation. For Suning, if they can beat the distant foot, will certainly help to Hangzhou Greentown and Changchun Yatai to avoid relegation to complete the task, the coach after all these teams are Koreans, from helping compatriots angle, cuilong Zhu will also ask its best team. Before the conference, cuilong Zhu said: "Shenyang came to feel the weather is cold, we come here to win. This is the last round of this year. We have two games for us and we have to keep the momentum going." Talking about whether it will help Korean compatriots to avoid relegation in the game in question, cuilong Zhu said: "we have determined the ranking, this is our team together to achieve results. No matter what the situation, we will play our football, we have two victories, we need to win this game, continue our state. Changchun and Hangzhou avoid relegation is very important, as the super, fairness is the most important. What can I do as a Korean coach? In fact, I can do nothing. These suspicions will hinder the development of super." A reporter asked cuilong Zhu, what experience for kneading the team? Cuilong Zhu said: "super fan base is very good, the level is very high, there are many special teams, I also in the harvest. Feel the performance of world-class players, I believe the level will be higher development. As our team, several foreign aid has a considerable strength and character, compared to other teams, the strength of our foreign aid and domestic players will become smaller and smaller." (Sohu sports Pei Li) (source: Sohu sports)相关的主题文章: