The correct approach: prepared against want car Sohu – scrap automobiles in our country so many cars, car ownership is a fact, but we have not considered a problem, so many cars, not after how to deal with it? The so-called scrap car is to reach a certain service life, or for other reasons caused serious damage to the vehicle or poor technical condition, and can not be repaired, in accordance with the provisions of the government scrapped vehicles. In the "motor vehicle compulsory retirement standard", the new provisions of the scrapping of the vehicle, the abolition of the provisions of the vehicle in time, while the retirement of private cars was changed to 600 thousand km. This eliminates the previous use of the annual vehicle reported to the kilometer system, but this does not mean that all vehicles to 600 thousand kilometers on the scrapped, the new policy has been strictly regulated. Scrap car hazards: first, scrapped cars due to the aging or damaged parts of the car. Lead to the owners in the process of driving, due to the failure of the car parts and the car can not be flexible operation, there may be some unexpected situation, very prone to traffic accidents. Two, scrapped car accident without protection. Once the accident happened because of scrapped vehicles, Wupaiwuzheng vehicles, and not worth the money, the owners often abandoned the vehicle and fled to the traffic police department accident detection more difficult, may cause some accidents can not be detected. In addition, scrapped vehicles did not participate in any insurance, leading to the perpetrators unable to bear the cost of compensation, the future will bring no small trouble. China’s road traffic accident relief funds are not perfect, the victims can not get due compensation, social stability and political stability. Three, scrapped vehicles long service life, exhaust emissions exceeded. Due to the long life of scrapped vehicles, engine, chassis and other vehicle facilities old, affecting the safety of vehicles traveling. At the same time, the abandoned vehicles are limited by technology, the engine power is insufficient, the vehicle exhaust emissions of pollutants exceeding the national standards, not only caused a huge waste of energy, but also seriously polluted the atmosphere. Four, many of the abandoned vehicle violations, road control difficulties. On the road of the scrap vehicle decks, mostly fake cards or no cards, often wanton violation of road traffic safety regulations, not according to the provisions of the lane and other serious traffic violations It is often seen. The driver can immediately caught the punishment, rather than the scene and arrested on their illegal behaviors such as electronic police capture, because of false card decks, other normal vehicles cause unnecessary infringement, causing mass complaints, not only let the illegal drivers escape the punishment by law. Five, assembled scrap car. Many people often buy a car because of the knowledge of the car is not professional, buy scrap cars. Why scrap cars will appear in the secondary market? First of all scrapped car decks, and can update the body by the fineness of parts or scrap components installed in the other car, let the car difficult to distinguish. This is the usual trick car dealers, the reason is very simple, through low-cost accessories to obtain high profits. Therefore, not only the loss of people who buy a car, while in the course of driving, due to the low performance of abandoned cars, there are serious security risks. system相关的主题文章: