A construction company in Haikou gas pipeline burst 21 district – Beijing, South China Sea, South China Sea network client Haikou on September 17th news (South China Sea network reporter Ma Weiyuan) on September 17th at 9:23 in the morning, the construction site is located in Haikou City, Luqiao fast haixiu haixiu Road Hotel next to the gate of Home Inn Nanzhuang Road, occurred due to underground construction lead the gas pipeline explosion and leakage. After the incident, Haikou authorities immediately launched the emergency plan for the disposal of gas safety. At present, the sea show Road gas dry pipe valve has been closed, the gas pipeline has been damaged in the pipeline, and now ready to repair the pipeline excavation. It is reported that, such as repair smoothly, is expected to be completed around six p.m. repair, restore gas supply. Sichuan Guofeng company led to the construction of Haikou underground gas pipeline burst leakage in the morning at 11:30 PM, the South China Sea network reporter rushed to the scene found that the scene in the road construction of Haikou military region by the Yingbin Hotel Chang Haifeng specialty shop in front of 20 meters, firefighters are on-site disposal, Hainan Minsheng gas pipeline repair personnel are on-site repair. Longhua City, Haikou City, after receiving the situation reflected quickly arrived at the scene to investigate the accident. The Longhua public security to maintain order, Haikou city administration department also launched an investigation at the scene. Reporters learned from the scene, the gas leak at the road excavation and construction units: Sichuan Guofeng Construction Group Co., Ltd., Longhua district urban management team in the field of evidence, will be punished for disorderly excavation. If the repair is successful, is expected to be completed around six p.m. repair, restore gas supply. People’s livelihood gas to the point of the valve is closed, set up in the field of protection, inspection of damaged pipelines and test dew point gas concentration. This sea show rapid construction project has been two times according to the Hainan people’s livelihood Waduan gas pipeline gas pipeline limited company responsible person, has cut underground gas pipeline that has seven or eight times this year. Among them, haixiu Waduan two Expressway project. At the same time, the official told reporters that the site before construction, livelihood gas will be informed of the location of the gas pipeline construction unit. Once the construction unit to break the gas pipeline, the Haikou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in accordance with the regulations on gas management punishment. The accident has been handed over to the Longhua District Urban Management Bureau filing penalties according to the Haikou Municipal Committee of the relevant person in charge of the ruptured pipe is haixiu expressway construction three section of Sichuan Guofeng Construction Group Limited company, although the company is legal for construction, but not in accordance with the relevant provisions of the gas pipeline exploration. The Commission will be in accordance with the provisions of the compensation for damages caused by the same time, in addition, the accident has been handed over to the Longhua District Urban Management Bureau for the implementation of punishment. Reporters learned that the Haikou gas pipeline safety, ignoring the illegal Zhanya gas pipelines of buildings and structures and yard phenomenon is serious. Especially in recent years, some construction units lack of safety awareness, there have been several underground gas pipeline suffered damage, resulting in fracture and gas pipeline leak, but fortunately the relevant units and rescue personnel arrived at the scene, but did not cause a major accident. According to the relevant provisions of the Haikou gas management regulations (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), the need for gas facilities.相关的主题文章: