Confinement industry chaos: the doctor just part-time personnel by domestic switch (Figure) – Beijing, November 10th, Chengdu City, a center of the month, the nursing staff with a newborn basking in the sun room. In November 11th, the newspaper "the title of 40 thousand service charge confinement center" sudden withdrawal "drift", reported a confinement dispute: Chengdu public Ms. Wang gave birth to a daughter, spent 40 thousand yuan, in "my love" confinement center in confinement, who knows he stayed for half a month, I heard the boss run away and even some of the items stored in the library of the diaper away…… Thus, for the general public is not familiar with the "confinement center" has attracted wide attention. Recently, the reporter visited the learned, though in Chengdu the confinement center in confinement, hundreds of consumption tens of million yuan, some high-end apartment layout even if receive 18 months of expenses, but the confinement center is still widely popular. November 13th, a number of centers, said the room has been basically completed in December. Behind this looks beautiful high-end services, insiders also say that some "Korean" and "desktop" signs are mostly a gimmick. As for the month club propaganda medical team, the industry said that the majority of confinement center in collaboration with the hospital doctors, but many doctors only work part-time. In addition, the general lack of relevant qualifications and training of nurses, mostly from domestic companies, changing clothes. WCC reporter Mao Yuting photography Wu Xiaochuan is unpopular because of a just be a business in Chengdu confinement center industry sources said, with the full two child policy is coming, this kind of maternal confinement center services also ushered in the "spring". Service price: confinement 180 thousand "Deluxe" for the 110 square meters of the three bedroom, repair equipment put a 500 thousand. In November 13th, she 80 Ms. Lee open business review website, enter the "confinement center", nearly 20 business information. She opened one point, from the room environment, hardware facilities, service teams, etc.. Subsequently, she dialed 5 month center telephone consultation, detailed understanding of confinement meals varieties, collocation, food sources etc.. Ms. Lee in a foreign company, the annual salary of about 200 thousand. She said, because her husband is busy with work, parents are far in the field, confinement center is a convenient choice "". 5 years ago, the first batch of Chengdu confinement center, was still a new thing. And now, according to industry estimates, Chengdu has thirty or forty similar institutions. Please Yuesao, the general public is "high consumption", and not only for the maternal confinement center invited personal care division, to send a month of meals, also provide postpartum shaping, doctors rounds, energy-saving and other services. The service increased, prices have gone up naturally. Reporters learned that the majority of Chengdu more than 1 months from the center of the month 35 thousand or 45 thousand from three to four, according to the standard gradually increased to about one hundred thousand yuan. For different price, number of confinement center consultant said, is mainly different Fangxing, hardware facilities and service parts. A drawing room, a lie.相关的主题文章: