"Come on, just do the first" blood brothers pilot trailers assembled six men of God was CO produced by Hunan TV, hualubaina, blue flame "come on, just do it" will be on November officially landing in Hunan tv. 22, "come on, just do it as" the annual event variety in the twenty-third session of the Chinese International Advertising Festival gorgeous debut, and the first show long exposure trailers. Jordan Chan, Babel, Willber Pan, Sun Jian, Duan Bowen, Xie Binbin six tough portrait of joining, they will be at the end of 2016, embarked on a "winter journey that burning do it", at the same time to the audience interpretation Buweijianxian, to fight the spirit of courage. The scene first exposure pilot trailers sounded "just do it" was in 7 and a half of the trailers, the six star guests together, leave the familiar environment to start the 12 field trip surprise. In this period and a bumpy journey, with their innocence and curiosity to meet every challenge. Jordan Chan changed his brother yuppie image, large children’s incarnation of strength development of "contrast" Adorable "; new director Babel show" funny character; "Pan Shuai" Willber Pan was forcibly fed, with cake look funny and full of hilarious; "boys" Sun Jian discarded the burden idol ass chopsticks; tough guy Duan Bowen "walking" hormone; little meat Xie Binbin show youthful sunshine; 12 weeks of exclusive surprise, a desperate fight for love of the game not only harvest scene thunderous applause, the more explosive the curiosity of the audience in the cold winter. Blood brothers build innovative program mode structure variety Xian "crafted" spree "come on, just do" innovation as the first domestic large file "structure in the form of a variety of" strong program, adopt 12 new concept model, the 12 phase of the program was all hot bag show mode, with no fixed theme way to start the program content, the program is not only the integration of the most distinctive variety of elements, but also with the unique way of expression of the classical re interpretation, thus showing a different variety of new forms of expression. At the same time, the game is no longer rigidly adhere to the traditional settings, multiple scenes and tasks to switch the program comes with variety flash characteristics. Mode setting to "flash" as the theme, will also help the star guests to play their own advantages and strengths, will stimulate their hidden potential, so as to create a more versatile and more three-dimensional image of the star. "Come on, just do" by making the jump off, like thinking will not only express the diversification, also show filling core, not only let the star guests open the brain hole, hi cross, still limited broadcast time to the audience the most exciting and pleasant sensory experience. Welcome the burnt competitive fight blood man ice bath fire. The 2016 one "come on, just do" see "blood brothers" how hi burning screen, look at the national level "God" to challenge the impossible. More exciting content, to be announced in November!相关的主题文章: