[color] baby 16325th Fucai 3D recommended summary [color] baby BLUELOVER 3d16325 forecast: decimal 3D 2016324th is still in the doldrums lottery lottery number: 663, three groups of morphology, size ratio of 2:1, parity ratio of 1:2, and the value of 15, a span of 3. 3D2016325 lottery experts predict number: temperature: 2016324 stage temperature code code selection to stealth, the omission of two, combined with analysis of historical period number trend, 16325 stage selection should pay attention to the reasonable temperature and cold code code collocation. Quality prediction: on the lottery number of the mass ratio of 1:2, composite value rise rise, the next stage is to open the number of possible. In the remainder of 3 out of 324 analysis: 000 Road, 2 Road 1, numerical freeze, combined with the analysis of 30 period data, the 0 codes have continued to open the second prevention signs, 1 road is. Recommendation: the mean average fell to 5 points, the 0-2 range of the cell mean continued cold, this period value to mean in central falls. Size forecast: the size of the previous phase than 2:1 appeared, the majority of the current advantage, the next phase of the decimal is still expected to maintain a low trend. (source: baby net color) [color] plays the master predicted baby Fucai 3D16325 period: warm return code 2016324th lottery lottery 3D number is 663, and the value of 15 points, the size and shape of large size, even even odd parity form, span value of 3. 3D forecast number 2016325 period the new quasi: cold Code: the period of cold number out of two, in particular a hundred and 6 yards, recently cold code falling number, a new period to prevent the cold code out of stock. Hot: on a hot, slightly cool, with a number 3 debut, with a recent period of time each number in a new situation, a proposal to extend the number of hot mark. Temperature code: a warm state number out of 0, from nearly 10 the number of frequency, temperature, a new return notice period. Ten difference: 324 ten difference is 3, the recent lottery ten poor weight code at low frequency, the need to prevent the difference continues to rise. Ten digit number: ten digits and the last five and 9, period ten and the value of more than 10 points below the interval setting, combined with analysis of historical period and the law of value, the 2016325 stage ten and will rise slightly. (source: baby net color) [color] baby showers forecast Xiaoxiao 3D16325 period: ten digit lottery lottery 3D decline 2016324th lottery number 663, three form continued to fall, weight code number is 0, and the value dropped to 15. 2016325 phase 3D test machine number before the prediction analysis: one hundred digits: the last five hundred yards in turn number 5-8-1-8-6, large amplitude has been the phenomenon of raids, the next phase of the hundred yards of the amplitude is expected to go small. Ten: the ten award number is 6, the amplitude of low to 1 points, combined with the analysis of 30 period data, new)相关的主题文章: