College-University College students are an important demographic and college trends can greatly effect the market. When certain activities or clubs become very popular, then anything a college student would need for that activity will sell superbly. The newest area with the most potential though continues to be technology and programs geared towards college trends. For an inventive mind there are many ways to make profit. Certain activities are very popular with college students and Im not just talking about beer pong. Current college trends show that students enjoy physical activities. Many enjoy ultimate Frisbee but there is another sport on the rise. Every college has seen a rise in the sport of LARPing. It is not usually confined to just people running around with fake swords. Vampire the Masquerade has long been a college LARP standard. Recent college trends however have moved towards the popular game of Humans vs. Zombies. There are many chapters of this game all throughout the nation. This game is often played 24/7 unlike other LARPs. What happens is that a small group of students choose to start as zombies, and the rest are the humans trying to survive. As the human population gets caught, the zombie population rises. It is much like an elaborate game of tag. Although a person may not think of that a college trends towards people playing tag can make any money, they are in fact wrong. There is actually much money to be made from these trends. The money to be made is in supplying the students with the tools they need to fight. The simplest tool that these students need is red bandanas. Depending on how you wear them reflects if you are a human or a zombie. Also, to shoot zombies the humans need guns, provided by NERF of course. College trends have shown students to be buying up NERF guns and ammo at an alarming rate. A smart business minded person would find it profitable to set up a shop near campus to supply the kids with guns and more importantly ammo and clips for these NERF college trends. Local shops are always low on streamline darts and clips for these guns. Also, Many of these guns have alterations that when preformed improve the quality of the guns by a lot. Another smart way to take advantage of this trend is to set up as the person providing this service. Online on shops like Etsy there are many people who do just that. Even just painting a gun in a better way can make a person thirty dollars. It only makes sense to provide for the market when there is a real demand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: