Cold lotus new way of eating, invigorating qi and blood moisten skin, the best fat slimming effect! Eat fresh and simple – Sohu salad is a year-round, size can have a feast. A small dish of summer cool and refreshing. A small dish, can remove the scorching heat. The cold winter, a small salad can relieve the greasy food, you do not like to clean. Fresh to dry, simple and delicious, perhaps this is where the popular salad. Lotus and celery is the most delicious season in the winter, cold lotus after baptism, accumulated more nutrients, taste more crisp. Green celery after several wind field, more crisp and sweet. With lotus root and celery celery collocation up modulated dish, unique fragrance brings more rich taste to crisp lotus. Celery has Pingganjiangya, clearing heat and moistening dryness, fried to eat lotus root can supplement qi and blood, fat slimming effect. Material: oil, salt, pepper, celery, lotus root, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, onion, salt, sugar, 1 vinegar, soy sauce, stir into the sauce. 2, ginger shred, chopped shallot. Wash the celery diced lotus, peeled cut into small ding. The lotus root celery Ding with boiling water blanching, blanch to lotus root slightly transparent, celery discoloration. 3, remove and control water pouring into the prepared sauce and mix well. 4 wok pour oil, put chopped green onion, pepper, ginger fried oil. 5, the frying oil good hot water into the bowl filled with lotus root, the mix can be eaten.      相关的主题文章: