UnCategorized The coffee industry is enjoying such popularity and success as more coffee houses or coffee shops are being built everywhere. It is largely because coffee has evolved. Gone were the days when you are only given two choices when ordering coffee: black or with cream. This is the reason why coffee shops can be seen in almost every corner. There are so many coffee varieties with many fancy names attached to it. When Frappucino was introduced to the public, coffee lovers went crazy over it. When it is served with whipped cream on top of it, many non-coffee drinkers started their own love affair with coffee. It meant that a cream whipper and nitrous oxide cartridges will be one of barista’s must-have items. No professional barista will be caught using ready-to-use whipped cream cans. Those who have been in the business of food and beverage preparation professionally know that when it .es to such creams, freshly whipped cream rules. Aside from using the cream whipper in making frappuccino, there are so many other coffee recipes using whipped cream to enhance the taste of coffee or to add a unique flavor to it. To .e up with the best recipes, a coffee shop should also use the best coffee equipment and gadgets. Look for the best in the industry. A cream whipper must not only be durable but it has to be user friendly as well since it would be used over and over again. With that in mind, the whipper should also be easy to clean at the end of the day. Those discriminating consumers can easily tell if there is something unusual with the coffee they ordered. Aside from the cream whipper, high quality disposable gas cylinders or nitrous oxide cartridges are needed to charge it up. Look out for those HACCP certified so you are guaranteed that they are not only safe but in excellent condition. When in search for the best cream whipper for your coffee shop, check what other successful coffee houses are using. Most of them are using top of the line stainless steel dispenser that would not easily break down because of everyday use. Look out for a cream whipper that .es not only with a charger holder and decorating nozzle but also with a cleaning brush. Choose a whipper that can hold a large amount of cream so it can provide more with one charging. Better have a great supply of your nitrous oxide cartridges since whipped creams are popular with coffee lovers. Never make the mistake of switching nitrous oxide cartridges with carbon dioxide cylinders also known as CO2 cartridges. These disposable CO2 gas cylinders are used with a soda siphon to make soda water. They look quite similar to each other so be very careful when buying them. These small cylinders will greatly affect your whipped cream. However, when you use the right equipment for it, you are assured that you will be producing the best freshly whipped cream in the world. Try adding different flavors to it such as mint, raspberry, or liquor to make the coffee even more distinctive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: