Mobil-.puting Looking at the gaming Apps which are popular, there is a clear trend that Gaming developers are adding more and more features in their Apps- be it Social or Mobile Apps on increasing engagement of their users and adding vitality. Social Leaderboards and reward management are powerful techniques in achieving the same. Because of the proliferation of Mobile devices e.g. iOS, Android, WP8, J2ME and S40 games, from console based games developers also want to create games for these exponentially growing mediums. There is also a significant increase of multiplayer games which are real time or turn based. Spending time, money and effort on building these features are non-core activities for the game developers. Even if they are skilled at this, they dont have the bandwidth to add these features and they always get pushed for later versions. Also, the cost of hosting and maintaining these solutions, which necessarily will have server side deployments, is pretty high. Moreover, it is a big expense for Apps which are free. Here .es in- the Cloud Gaming Platform Provider. Some of these providers provide one or the other services out of the box that can be integrated by gaming App developers with few lines of code. They provide native SDKs for all popular platforms and intuitive Admin consoles to manage the data generated through the services. Lets take the example of developing a Real-time Multiplayer Game. A high performing, scalable, binary Protocol server is required for such game. It also needs to have business logic with respect to Room, Lobby and User logic. To develop such a server itself, requires a 6-8 months of development time with clustered deployment for high availability. Also, if the Leaderboard and reward management features are to be added … add few more development months to it and not to forget the sheer fixed infrastructure cost and the time, effort and cost to maintain it. You also might like to send push notifications or need async .munication for turn-based games. There are few products in the market which solve one or some of these problems but not which solve all of these problems. Gaming developers are always in a dilemma of selecting the right product for if they choose one they had to .promise on some other App aspects. Choosing from a variety of products when everyday you find something new in the market really is a tough job. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: