Grading treatment off-site referral patients rely on personal relationship expert observation: original title: sample observation — from Beijing to Zhangjiakou treatment referral remote Zhangjiakou, located in the northwest of Beijing, two more than 200 kilometers away from the end of 2015, total household population of about 4 million 690 thousand people, and last year, Zhangjiakou new urban workers and urban residents insured three Beijing hospitals at all levels in the total number of hospitalization reimbursement was 25 thousand, hundreds of millions of dollars. At present, there are a number of public hospitals in the first to the Sixth Hospital of Zhangjiakou City, has its own characteristics of different departments, and with the Beijing Tiantan hospital, Jishuitan Hospital and other well-known hospital consortium, gradually formed two kinds of modes: Hospital experts sent regular visiting "blood transfusion" and aims to cultivate and improve the hematopoietic model of the local the level of medical care "". This is to explore the difficult to remain in the critically ill patients in the classification of the clinic referral model has a certain sample significance. "Blood transfusion" mode: personal relationship to long referral into a death cycle lived for 66 years, 7 years knee pain — to 10000 patients Zhenming, "Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital experts" means almost only hope. A weekend in the distance, as early as 8 visits and more than half an hour, Zhangjiakou City Second Hospital Jishuitan Hospital experts specially set up outside the consulting room has happened several times because someone is trying to jump the queue and the dispute caused by. Jishuitan Hospital, Department of orthopedics, deputy director of the, Liu Qing believes that the need for further examination of the knee, wan wan to develop as much as possible to improve the surgical program. "You took the time to visit me at the Jishuitan Hospital." Liu Qing left his cell phone number. Because the patient is too much, no time to answer the phone, Liu Qing deliberately marked only text messages". Visits a day, Liu Qing wrote down 20 such "name card". Since listing in February 28th this year, "Zhangjiakou Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital hospital" since, as of November 11th, Jishuitan Hospital sent a total of 15 batches of 30 passengers outpatient visits of experts, 873 people, for consultation in 105 cases, 12 cases of surgery. Awkwardly, because did not establish a relatively fixed referral mechanism, referral of patients through the basic personal relationship expert visits was introduced to the Jishuitan Hospital. Due to the hardware conditions and medical level is relatively backward, Zhangjiakou hospital referral demand is greater, and the ability to undertake, Jishuitan Hospital bedstension Co. — Remote one-way referral seems to fall into the cycle of death, two-way referral is in sight. At present, Zhangjiakou is the second hospital and Jishuitan Hospital for further discussion, hope to establish the referral green channel, and invited the Jishuitan Hospital experts the "root" of Zhangjiakou, to establish the depth of cooperation mode. Hematopoietic model: transplant Tiantan standards why go to Beijing if Wan Zhenming is to see hope, Yao Yao can really be called lucky". Yao Yao from Zhangjiakou County, Xuanhua wrote meningioma, was told that only Beijing Tiantan Hospital can do surgery. "I want to do in Beijing, surgery and hospitalization costs at least more than 80 thousand blocks have to row four months team." Yao Su wrote. Yao element 2相关的主题文章: