Automobiles If you havent heard of Gran Turismo youve either been asleep for a very long time or youre a woman. According to the official Gran Turismo website, the detailed and beautiful cars .e to life in intricate detail, and with hundreds of classic cars to choose from you might find yourself spending more time driving your friends and family up the wall playing this addictive game than actual driving. The worlds hottest cars from car manufacturers all over the globe, both past and present have been gathered to create one of the finest real driving simulators for the PS3, reports the Gran Turismo website. Just like the real deal, the game will apparently have new game-enhancing graphic effects like car damage, weather and the ever-encroaching darkness of night, according to IncGamers.., which is why this game could be the perfect remedy to those classic car blues. We might not all be able to afford the car of our dreams, but how about a virtual one? With 1000+ models to take your fancy, even the most fanatic car-maniacs will find the perfect car to put to the test. The Great British weather can be so unpredictable, which is why we need to save something for those rainy days. When the suns out, get behind the wheel of your classic, but when the rain sets in youll still be able to get behind the wheel of hundreds more, thanks to the whiz kids at Sony, who have created the perfect solution to winter depression. Fitting in with the release of 3D and HD, this game is also fitted with the latest digital technologies to provide an almost like for like experience. Polyphony Digital prides itself on creating authentic looking vehicles, which includes a 1950s Facel Vega HK500, 1960s Jenson CV8 and 1970s Alfa Romeo 2000 Sprint Veloce. With the release date looming, make sure you keep the 2nd November 2010 free in your diary because thats when the race is finally on! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: