Coffee A semi automatic or automatic model is often the best choice when people purchase their first ever serious espresso machine. Before I reveal what to look for in these machines, let me first tell you just what a semi automatic espresso machine is. Semi Automatic Machines feature an automated pump, automated temperature controls for the boiler, and service buttons to activate or deactivate the pump. That’s basically what makes it "semi automatic" – you decide when to switch the pump on and off. The single boiler, dual use Machines; the single boiler, heat exchanger machines; and the dual boiler machines are the three subclasses of a semi automatic espresso machine. Each subclass completes lots of things for you while still giving you supreme control over just how the shot of espresso will progress. Listed below are the things to look for in choosing the best semi automatic espresso machine. Functionality. Take a close look at the portafilter handle, how it rests in the machine, what lengths over it has to go to be able to lock, whether or not you have to hold a clasp in place in order to guarantee the filter basket not to fall out, and the like. Check out just how much clearance there is from the spouts to the drip tray. Can it fit the sizes of mugs you wish to brew into? Likewise, check the cup warming tray and determine if it’s really something you can make use of or just some fancy aesthetic. Finally, Examine the position of the switches and whether or not they appear readable and can intuitively understand by the user. Materials. In most instances, I’d choose metal over plastic. Metal drip trays, easy to access bolts for disassembling a machine, well finish touches like good grippy rubber base, stuff that produce a machine better. Switches. While it’s rarely to hear regarding problems with switches that are electronic (say, buttons which electronically switch on an actuator or build a circuit link) for brewing espresso, it is one more thing that can later on wear out on a machine. Mechanical switches break down too, but generally, changing a broken switch is a lot cheaper than changing the whole circuit board and machine electronics. Also, there is just something to be stated for the gratifying "clack" of turning on and off the Rancilio Silvia’s brew switch – for example. Signal Lights. Visible signal lights are important, though most machines now available have lights one can barely see when looked at under a kitchen’s typical fluorescent or halogen lighting system. The good thing is, increasingly more machines are providing solution to this problem – in fact, old machines ligsts are being upgraded to bright LEDs nowadays. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: