Travel-and-Leisure Any visitor to London can enjoy a more luxurious and enjoyable stay thanks to limousine and chauffeur services. London has a lot to offer visitors, whether they are visiting the incredible city on business or for pleasure and with corporate events, major music concerts, and massive theatre and movie premieres regularly held in the capital, interested visitors are able to add an extra touch of class to any event with chauffeur services in London. The Limousine One of the most important aspects when choosing chauffeur services in London is the type of vehicle on offer. While some specialist limousine hire companies may only offer one or two specific vehicles, others will offer a more extensive selection of executive, prestige, and event limousines. The type of vehicle that is ideal for you will depend on your own preferences as well as the reason for your trip. Executive Limousines Executive chauffeur services in London are ideal for businessmen and for anybody that is looking for comfortable and luxurious transport. Typical cars include the ever popular Mercedes Benz E Class and S Class models as well the more spacious Viano, or V Class, also from the Mercedes Benz manufacturer. Prestige Limousines Prestige or VIP limousines are usually more expensive and may require a specialist driver but they offer the ultimate experience in terms of comfort and luxury ensuring that you make an impression on any event. The Rolls Royce Phantom and the Bentley Arnage are popular prestige limousines. Wedding Limousines Another reason for the use of chauffeur services in London is for wedding transport. The Rolls Royce or Bentley make the perfect choice for the bride and her party, while executive limousines can be used to transport other guests to the church and on to the reception afterwards. The Chauffeur As well as picking the right limo, you should also ensure that any chauffeur services in London offer professional and courteous chauffeurs. The chauffeur is a major part of the whole limousine experience and a polite and courteous one won’t just open doors for you but will offer assistance and guidance when travelling around the city of London. Professional Service Also consider service and booking specific factors such as availability, customer service level, and whether the service is competitively priced. Prices for limousine and chauffeur services in London can vary greatly so do be sure that you pick one with competitive prices, good vehicles, and professional chauffeurs because this will help ensure that you get the most from your limousine experience. Copyright 2009 About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: