Chongqing has issued new regulations to implement vaccination vaccine distribution centralized procurement Beijing – Zhuhai issued new regulations vaccine circulation vaccination will fully implement vaccine centralized procurement, two kinds of vaccines voluntarily at their own expense, DPT vaccine construction aiming at the problem of public concern traceability system, yesterday, the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government Office issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the circulation of vaccine and vaccination management work". The circular said, the city will gradually establish a unified vaccine circulation and vaccination information management system, the implementation of the whole process of vaccine traceability. Key words: vaccine procurement comprehensive implementation of centralized vaccine procurement notice requirements, Chongqing will be fully implemented vaccine centralized procurement. Among them, the first kind of vaccine provided by the government free of charge to the public, the city center for Disease Control and prevention is responsible for the development of the plan, reported to the municipal health and Family Planning Commission approved by the municipal government procurement center procurement center. Second kinds of vaccines by the citizens in the spirit of informed, voluntary, at their own expense, the principle of the kind, the city center for Disease Control and prevention organization in the municipal public trading platform centralized procurement. Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission in accordance with the prevention and control of infectious disease outbreaks, epidemic needs and vaccine supply, the implementation of emergency procurement and deployment of some vaccines, and reported to the municipal government for the record. Key words: vaccine sales two types of vaccines may not be sold outside the CDC vaccine circulation, vaccine production enterprises is the first pass. "Notice" requirements, production enterprises in the sales of a vaccine, should provide biological products issued by the pharmaceutical inspection institutions of each batch of inspection or approval certificate, and stamped with the seal of the company; sales of imported vaccines, should also provide the import pharmaceuticals customs copy, and stamped with the seal of the enterprise. Second types of vaccines are not allowed to be sold to other units or individuals other than the disease prevention and control centers of counties (autonomous counties). Disease prevention and control institutions and units in the purchase of receiving vaccine inoculation, should obtain the documents to vaccine manufacturers, and save to more than 2 years of the period of validity for vaccine. Keywords: vaccine distribution unified vaccine delivery pathway in the distribution of vaccines, the vaccine production enterprise in accordance with the purchase contract, directly or entrust with the cold chain storage and transportation conditions of enterprises will be vaccine distribution to disease prevention and control institutions. Accept the distribution of vaccine enterprises, shall not entrust the distribution. City Center for Disease Control and prevention, is responsible for the delivery of the first type of vaccine to the county (Autonomous County) cdc. Districts and counties (autonomous counties) CDC is responsible for the distribution of the first and two types of vaccines or supply to the administrative units of the vaccination units. Vaccine delivery process to ensure vaccine throughout the cold chain storage and transportation, ensure the vaccine is always in the temperature environment regulations, regular monitoring and recording temperature and kept for 2 years for future reference. Key words: vaccination is strictly prohibited the use of second types of vaccine on the public’s concern about vaccination management, vaccination work in Chongqing centralized vaccination service model. In principle, each street to set up at least 1 vaccination clinics, service radius of 5 km; each township to set up at least 1 vaccination clinics, service radius of 10 km. Service radius exceeds.相关的主题文章: