China students hold a valid visa to the United States Embassy repatriated study released reminder – Beijing, Beijing, September 9, according to the China Embassy website news, Chinese embassy recently received several Chinese students holding a valid visa to the United States but failed to enter the repatriated case. Therefore, the embassy to remind students to enter the country to carry the original I20 table (not a copy) and other identity documents and related materials, in order to prepare for immigration officials need to check. China Embassy in Washington said, students were repatriated in both the new Laosheng have different reasons, but the result was the same, is not only a waste of time, economic damage, and delay of learning. In this regard, the special reminder is as follows: first, the United States holds a valid visa does not mean that visa holders must be able to enter the United states. Whether immigration, immigration immigration officials from the United States in accordance with the law to make judgments and decisions. Whether it is new or old, at the time of entry shall carry the original form I20 (not copy) all identity documents and relevant materials to prepare immigration officials required inspection. Two, to carefully and correctly fill in the I20 form and save. Keep the page level, not on the table and graffiti graffiti. Who should pay attention to the I20 table update, holiday home leave or go to the third country tourism, to check the I20 table is valid, as from the United States during the I20 due to the school, to the International Student Affairs Office update before leaving to return to the United States for the I20 table is invalid and was refused entry. Three, parents should always keep in touch with their children, communication and communication, timely understanding and mastery of children in the United States to learn the state and achievements. If the student has been expelled from the school, and no new school offers admission notice, it is recommended not to buy tickets for the u.s..相关的主题文章: