The old man China to visit the United States missing police have confirmed by accident – Beijing China overseas network on 18 September, according to the U.S. Chinese network quoted NJ news, 69 year old Chinese woman in New Jersey Huang Xu wind (Huang Xufeng, transliteration) at 15 local time in the Princeton area (Princeton) has not been lost, then go home. Local time 17 days, NSW police confirmed that she died after being hit by a car, the vehicle fled the scene. According to the Princeton city police officer Jonathan Bucchere introduction, the police initially identified Ms. Huang was hit by a car after the crash on the roadside, but it can not determine the specific time of death. It is reported that the 69 year old Ms. Huang to the new state of Princeton to visit relatives, 15, about 6:30 in the afternoon alone to go out for a walk, did not go home. His daughter in the evening about 10 alarm, but the night the old man did not return. Princeton, the Chinese local time on the evening of 16, the beginning of the collective spontaneous organization search work, sent dozens of search teams, and ultimately in the morning of 17 am on the way to Mo Mo (Mercer Rd). The body was found) side of the ditch. After blocking the road was blocked at 1:30 on the afternoon of 17 to reopen. Butcher pointed out that the Princeton police and the office of the prosecutor Saijun mo (Mercer County Prosecutors Office) is investigating the case, any clues to the residents can call the police.相关的主题文章: