Chinese aunt was arrested suspected of abducting Japanese girls: too cute to take home the original title: Japan Chinese aunt was arrested suspected of abducting girls called "too cute to take home" Reference News Network November 26th Hong Kong media reported that Japan’s Hyogo police said in November 24th, China woman Xue products in the supermarket once suspected Pearl November 23rd afternoon off a 4 year old the girl said to the police, surnamed Xue woman was caught, because girls are too cute, wanted to take her home, "not abduction". According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" website on November 25th quoted Japan’s "Sankei Shimbun" reported that a supermarket the girl in November 23rd and his family to the North Town long Tian District, afternoon local time at 2:25 PM, 48 year old Xue Pinzhu to stay in the supermarket 2 floor lounge girl said "let’s go together". Xue Pinzhu then took the girl to take the escalator down the first floor, in the store after a few minutes, and then went back to the lounge, met the girl’s mother left home. After hearing the girl’s mother said to be a stranger with a stroll in the supermarket, immediately report to the police. The local police according to the monitor screen, find the woman surnamed Xue tracking. Police said Xue Pinzhu during questioning, "the girl is so lovely, wanted to take her home, and is kidnapped". Now she has been arrested by the police suspected of kidnapping in.相关的主题文章: