China trip, imperative (view) – International – China in a large number of students have set foot on American land, to learn, and strive to improve their life, at the same time, the United States Chinese to more and more young people, students, there are a few go to work, and even a lot of retirees in about to Chinese work and life. Although the number is still far can not be compared to the United States Chinese, but both governments are actively promoting, hope to have more Americans to learn Chinese, learn China culture, including encouraging more Americans to study Chinese life for a period of time. This is an imperative direction. People all over the world have been running to the United States, which is the history of the past few decades, the reason is very simple, the United States after the Second World War, the rapid development, attracting a large number of talent. With the development and changes of China in recent decades, the great achievements of the world will naturally attract the attention and curiosity of the world. Due to various reasons, people in the United States, in the cognitive can not keep up with the rapid development of the Chinese. Only to be keenly aware of the rapid development of China personally on the scene, the understanding of a real Chinese. Since it is true Chinese, must include all aspects, at least is the objective existence of both positive and negative, is not to be beautify or vilify after single image distortion. It is not only the wish of many Americans today, but also the inevitable result of an American who has been fortunate enough to have been to China, to truly understand a rapidly changing china. Over time, such people will be more and more. China and the United States government should continue to strengthen communication and cooperation in this area, so that more Americans have the opportunity to go to China to visit, study and live a period of time. This is not only necessary to promote mutual understanding between the Chinese and American people, but also the only way to maintain world peace and development. Mutual understanding is not enough, it will inevitably produce diaphragm, misunderstanding and conflict. Peace between China and the United States, the world is not peace. Fortunately, those who have been to China, most of them feel satisfied with their trip to China, feel that China is doing right, no regrets. From my personal direct and indirect understanding of the situation, over the past twenty or thirty years, most of the Chinese people have been to the general feeling of the United States, mainly reflected in the following aspects of the three. First, they generally feel the friendliness and enthusiasm of the Chinese people. The two is that they have witnessed the latest developments in China, especially when these new technologies and new developments have been built on the basis of the very backward. Three they are surprised to find that in fact there are a lot of culture between China and the harmony, substantially coincides with the identity and values of the. China is probably the most unfamiliar and familiar place they have been to. At the turn of the country. If we carefully examine the true meaning and significance of these three aspects, we will find that this is exactly what we should maintain the basic point. Warm and friendly is the Chinese people have always been a fine tradition and virtue. Scientific and technological progress and breakthrough, is the pride of the Chinese people and the government, but also to continue相关的主题文章: