Chinese solid rocket engine test successfully guessed waves -3 performance – Sohu Military Channel text with map: China CASIC four nine R & D fast boat No. eleven solid rocket engine ground test a success. Text with map: fast boat eleven rocket. In September 22nd, Chinese CASIC four nine R & D fast boat No. eleven solid rocket engine ground test a success, a solid rocket engine, the maximum charge of most of the domestic application of carbon fiber composite shell size technology. The engine has a diameter of 2.2M, a total length of 9.7M and a charge of 45t, which has the characteristics of high mass ratio, high specific impulse and high thrust. The test has verified the key technologies of large size carbon fiber composite shell, large flow nozzle, large tonnage loading and so on, and achieved a great leap forward in the application of large carbon fiber composite shell engine engineering technology. Fast boat No. eleven solid rocket is developed in the commercial space under the mode of aerospace products, the development level of the engine, through business model innovation, aerospace engineering management and private enterprises to fully integrate the advantages, to achieve a rapid, reliable and inexpensive development, become an important pilot implementation of Commercial Aerospace Product Development Institute four. The test is successful, marking the development ability of the power system the first solid rocket in the development of China’s commercial space model with comprehensive, technology has reached the international advanced level, is the first launch of eleven fast boat and large solid rocket development and commercial operation laid a solid technical foundation, is an important milepost I commercial space development. During the test, the deputy general manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Liu Shiquan, general engineer Shen Weiwei, President Guo Yong, vice president of Zhang Di hospital, director Duan Xiangjun nine, fast boat rocket commander Huang Jianbo, chief designer of Liang Jiqiu and other leaders to the scene to guide the test work. Earlier, in September 12th at the second session of the Chinese Commercial Aerospace Forum, chief designer of the rocket fast boat beam Jiqiu CCTV in an interview with reporters said, fast boat eleven rocket launch scheduled for 2017. There are professional fans said this engine is a bright spot, you can think of the waves three. Another highlight is the carbon fiber shell, but also from the side reflects the technical level of China’s third generation intercontinental missiles. Fast boat 11 to the next batch of production in Wuhan Aerospace City, plans to participate in the fight for the rapid launch business, in accordance with the current market structure, fast boat series will be aimed at domestic commercial small satellite launch market.相关的主题文章: