China will give foreigners in China Classification foreigners fear: I is what kind of information: on September 15th, Beijing, a high school teacher in the United States (right) and foreign students to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival is a China took the volunteers sent on the moon. (the "New York Times" website) original title: China will give foreigners in China Foreigners worry: classification will be classified as a reference news network reported on September 25th   U.S. media said, if you want to know what belongs to the class, Chinese to find answer. According to the United States, New York Times website reported on September 22nd, from the beginning of October 1st, the Chinese government will begin to foreigners in China into A, B, C three categories. Chinese media reported that this is a part of the national work permit system, designed to encourage high-end, control the general, limiting the low-end to build an innovation driven economy. Be responsible for the implementation of the system Chinese the State Bureau of foreign experts director Zhang Jianguo said, "the aim is to improve the foreign talent management service level, the end of the nine provinces and cities including Beijing and Shanghai, the pilot, this system will begin in the country in April 1st next year. Reported that the reform of the program caused a heated discussion of foreigners working in China, they are eager to know: what kind of government will I belong to? Recent official data show that in 2010 the census, there are about 200 thousand foreigners in China legal employment, and another 400 thousand families, this figure does not seem high. As a consultant at the Beijing based Human Resources Inc Freion Eric · Liu estimates, 2015 Chinese total about 2 million foreigners, of which up to 300 thousand of the illegal employment, these people usually take a tourist visa. He said, Chinese need more foreign workers, but they are often very difficult to get a visa: "foreigners need variety of the company’s economic development, whether it is state-owned enterprises or private enterprises." Reported that may be classified so that some foreigners feel uneasy. James was a high school teacher in Wyoming, Beijing is now a kindergarten teaching, he wanted to know how the government will define the teacher. He asked only to disclose his name in order to avoid the negative concerns of employers. "They haven’t announced how the rating system works," he said in an interview. I would like to know how to become a valuable person in China, as well as the specific location." After studying only a little bit of information, Eric ·, Liu said, the teacher may be classified as B. James agrees with him. "At first I was disgusted with being classified as B," he said. He compared the feeling to "now I’m just a B foreign employee!" Reported that the new system may bring some benefits: if you can bring more transparency and accountability, I think it would be a good thing, James said. The new system will be implemented by computer, and with each of the staff in China with photo ID and number binding, the implementation of the old system is mainly based on paper materials. China Human Resource Management相关的主题文章: