In addition to national security and held the first high-level dialogue on the rule of law news agency of the new network in Beijing – 12 September, for the first time in the high level of national security and the rule of law dialogue held in Beijing 12. Wang Yongqing, Secretary General of the CPC Central Committee and the national security adviser, Prime Minister of Canada, Daniel, CO chaired the dialogue. The two sides identified the scope of the dialogue, the dialogue structure and a clear framework for future cooperation. The two sides on counter-terrorism, cyber crime and combat transnational organized crime, law enforcement, consular affairs, as well as exchanges between the judiciary and the rule of law in the field of in-depth consultations. At the same time, the dialogue also determines the future direction of cooperation for the existing dialogue provides a high-level strategic guidance. The two sides agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in national security and the rule of law, and enhance coordination and communication on international issues, in order to jointly respond to global threats. The two sides decided that the short-term goal of heightening the level of national security and the rule of law is discussed in the dialogue to start with "and" extradition treaty "the transfer of sentenced persons treaty" and other related matters; discuss the network security and network crime "in addition to share cooperation; complete and return the confiscated assets to renew the agreement" signed; "China Ministry of public security and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on crime cooperation memorandum of understanding"; completed one year validity period "on the Canadian border services agency to hire experts to assist China check on suspected illegal immigration from the mainland China identity pilot project signing a memorandum of understanding" to facilitate the work, can not be immigrants from Canada to Chinese. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Central Political Committee Secretary Meng Jianzhu met with Daniel in Beijing on the same day? Let led the first high level of national security and the rule of law and dialogue delegation said that security cooperation and the rule of law is an important part of the relationship. I hope the two sides to implement the important consensus reached by leaders of the two countries, give full play to the dialogue mechanism, strengthen pragmatic cooperation and other aspects of organized crime in the fight against terrorism, transnational crime, network, security cooperation and the rule of law to become the new development of relations between the two countries. Daniel said, is willing to deepen cooperation and communication with China in the field of security and law. Heightening the level of national security and the rule of law by the leaders of the two countries in the dialogue mechanism in the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the August 30, 2016 to September 6th? A visit by the relevant ministries and agencies to support. China’s Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of state security, the Ministry of justice and other departments responsible person to participate in the dialogue. (end)相关的主题文章: