The child was beaten in the Kindergarten Education Bureau will handle aunt: responsibility original title: Shaanxi children in kindergarten by Aunt beat Education Bureau in accordance with the regulations to deal with the persons responsible for Beijing, Shaanxi in October 14, Yulin (Wang Yongping Zhang Xiao) for network transmission exposure monitoring kindergarten teachers beating children kindergarten ", Yuyang District Education Bureau of Yulin City, Shaanxi 14, the batterer non kindergarten teachers, the children’s aunt, with the card into the park beating on the children. At present, the local police have been on file for investigation, Yuyang District Bureau of education will be in accordance with the rules of the kindergarten and the responsible person to make a serious deal. In October 13th, a man claiming to be the parents of netizens posting said, the children at the age of 4 in September 21st 7 in the morning, in the Yuyang District in kindergarten during the school team were beaten in the classroom, children’s physical and psychological trauma greatly. A period of about one minute video shows a child sitting alone in the classroom, after a woman entered the classroom, the children of the head and face and pat its head hit the desk, the child will be dragged to the ground after the kick back, then after a few feet children play in the desk. This surveillance video caused public concern and hot debate. Yulin city Yuyang District Education Bureau to investigate the incident reported that the incident was caused by two parents (Department of relatives) conflict, the batterer Xuemou children aunt, the children in the nursery school. Xuemou with their children enter kindergarten shuttle card at 7:40, slipped into the classroom, the children of the cuff and kick up to 1 minutes. In the course of the incident, there are parents into the classroom to find the matter, thought it was the child’s mother reprimanded the child, but also found that she had the phenomenon of playing children, hurried to inform the zoo, Xue took the opportunity to sneak out of the classroom. After receiving parents reflect, immediately contact the parents of kindergarten children, children playing together will be sent to Yulin city children’s hospital. Diagnosis of facial soft tissue contusion". It is understood that the local police have been investigating the incident. Yuyang District Bureau of education investigation team to conduct in-depth investigation and evidence collection, and in accordance with the rules of the kindergarten and the relevant responsible person to make a serious deal. (end) editor: Li Tianyi相关的主题文章: