Starring drama "chick" Kasumi arimura Sawamura Kazuki joined Tokyo in September 26th, the ancient Valley, and his front left Sawamura Kazuki, Kimura Yoshino, Feng Tian and Kasumi arimura, stretch, back row from left Tooyama Toshiya, Hada Michiko, Sakuma Yui, Izumisawa Yuki, Shibata Riai, Yu attended the "chick" loose tail will meet in Tokyo in September 26th, Sawamura Kazuki and Kimura Yoshino attended the "Kasumi arimura chicks" meet Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reports, the NHK series starring actress Kasumi arimura "chick" novels will be launched in April 3rd next year, in September 26 in Tokyo held drama starred in Shibuya NHK television release conference, actor Sawamura Kazuki, actress Kimura Yoshino attended the activity. "Baby" tells the story of growing up in Ibaraki farm, to the development of Tokyo’s Jungfrau sub growth story for work in Showa height growth period. Sawamura Kazuki is the first in a series of novels, with the parents of the heroine in the play of Kimura Yoshino. The conference is the introduction of the drama "Hometown" main actor, in addition to a woman, and Tami Chiko, ancient Valley and feather. Sawamura Kazuki said: "this is my" office workers NEO "again after the appearance of NHK works, and this is a series of novels, I hope to be able to play a game, hoping to change some of the past impression." Cooperation for the first time Sawamura Kazuki praised her from Kasumi arimura, a teenager very well, she has always been a concern, also looking forward to the cooperation. For the first time in the series of novels, starred in the play as well as members of the BOYZ field and ginkgo Fung extension, Sakuma Yui, Kotani and his entourage also starred in the series novels of 47 years is the first time. The series will be launched in November, Arimura Kasumi said he was looking forward to working with Sawamura Kazuki parent-child play. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: