Hunan Chenzhou Yongxing residential building explosion 3 dead 6 injured – Beijing Red Changsha news October 14th (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhu Yuanxiang) October 13th at 2:19 in the afternoon, the explosion houses Yongkang road Yongxing County Chenzhou city is in the town. After the incident, Yongxing launched emergency plans, the rapid organization of rescue, evacuation of the masses, and to investigate. When the explosion occurred, a passing woman was killed in brick. Fire rescue personnel in the afternoon after the explosion found a corpse in the wreckage, at 9 p.m., from the ruins of a body dug again, the couple were married to the two. At this point, the police will determine the number of casualties of the explosion 3 dead and 6 injured. Reporter Zhu Yuanxiang witnessed the scene: loud noise two roof house is gone when the explosion occurred, the local residents of Yuan Wuju are tens of meters outside playing mahjong, suddenly heard "bang bang", "continuous rang two times." She went to the prestige, I saw a street near the roof of a residential building black smoke, and then dust filled the dust, bricks, articles straight away, I look carefully, the roof of the house did not." At the downstairs vehicles were smashed, the building’s windows are broken. In the seven floor of the incident, most of the wall has collapsed. The reason of the incident: suspected couples divorce cause tragedy of the explosion is what? After the incident, there are two versions, one is a gas tank, two explosive. These two statements can be ruled out." The Yongxing County Public Security Bureau deputy director Zhou Biao told Xiaoxiang Morning evening interview with reporters, the police on the scene of the investigation, we preliminary analysis should be made of soil nitrate, firecrackers like, we extract traces of evidence, to do after the identification of the test to determine the ministries and agencies." Zhou Biao stressed that the relevant identification results came out, in order to determine the cause of the explosion. "The Council and our preliminary determination, the explosion caused family disputes, resulting in the murder." Zhou Biao introduction, the incident was found in the ruins of the house of the deceased couple rented, two people had several disputes. "It’s been a divorce." Nearby residents Ms. Cao, relatives of the deceased had revealed to him, "the woman is determined to leave, the man refused to leave, the woman to 500 thousand only." October 13th at noon, the couple had a fierce conflict. A relatives rushed to the nearby security box alarm. Two police with relatives on the seven floor, just inside the door, the explosion occurred. Casualties: passers-by were blown bricks hit and killed two people according to the police, the explosion of death is living in a couple, husband Liu Renyan, 48 years old, Yongxing county secretary Gao Ting Town, working outside year round; his wife Cao Xiaoyang, 42 years old, Yongxing County town of gold, selling decoration paint in the county Longshan road. Two people gave birth to a woman and a man of two, the eldest daughter of university graduates, the youngest son was only 10 years old. While passing was killed by a hit is a 62 year old Ou Ronghui, the Department of Yongxing County Grain Bureau of retired workers. She just happened to pass by the incident, was hit by a brick flying. 6 injured including two police. A Police Association and one of the deceased was seriously injured, have been sent to Chenzhou for treatment.相关的主题文章: