Chengdu Police Duty 7 hours a day under high temperature: sun drying peeling (Figure) – in August 25th, Chengdu into the entrance to the south, police duty on the formation of a high temperature heat island, the temperature is generally around 40 degrees celsius. Since August 20th, Chengdu police handled 15280 cases a day on average. Behind this set of data, thousands of police in the sun under the stick. In order to prevent heatstroke Huoxiangzhengqi liquid when water to drink 25 at 3 pm, a south junction, 110 police stations outside the thermometer display: 38 degrees. Under the scorching sun on one hour, Chengdu Chenghua Public Security Bureau police brigade service four squadron captain easy in the rest. After pouring down the two bowls of iced lemon water, he picked up a bottle of Hexiangzhengqi liquid, drank. Outdoor police, two police are busy checking suspicious vehicles in the past. A car check down, police has been wet, bean big sweat dripping. "Ten days down, today is the best, there is a trace of wind." Yi Jun said, into the south high-speed intersection at least 8000 vehicles passing through every day, the sun and exhaust gas, so that they work in the formation of a small heat island, we measured, there are generally more than and 40 degrees celsius." In the room where the police to a total of 6 police, divided into two groups, uninterrupted shifts. At 8:30 in the morning to the post, they will be back in about 30 pounds of police equipment, until the end of the day to take off, even standing outside still, less than 10 minutes, the sweat will put wet clothes." Yi Jun said, more than and 10 days of continuous high temperature, there are a number of police heatstroke, "now can only put Hexiangzhengqi liquid when the water to drink." Sweat change at Chunxi Road station for 7 years he saline in the easy break, downtown Chunxi Road, holding the gun, standing motionless maneuver against the Jinjiang Public Security Bureau patrol police squadron fresh condensate, already sweating. Fresh condensate on duty for 7 years, every day to stand for 7 hours. Visiting Chunxi Road residents and visitors may not notice, in a corner of the crowd there streams of people busily coming and going, he this straight plump figure. At this time, he is the most difficult yaoyating over time of the day, shoulder and arm position uniforms, sweat has become white salt crystallization. On duty, he suddenly spilled a lot to the body of essential balm, to prevent sleepy. But for the heat, but he can not resist, can only let the sweat flow. "Wipe will immediately come out, it is useless." Fresh setting where he said against the squadron is a group of two people, one hour a rotation. This time, they have to wipe every day with two packets of paper. Chunxi Road has three police patrol 25 sunstroke at 4 pm, near the Chunxi Road subway, the Jinjiang Public Security Bureau police service battalion four squadron captain the Yellow River with 3 auxiliary police and patrol circle. "We take turns patrolling, each patrol 200 meters away, an hour non-stop." The Yellow River police said, as long as it is not in the clothes, did not do, now, there have been three police appeared heatstroke nosebleeds, drying and peeling symptoms. According to the data provided by the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center, since August 20th, Chengdu相关的主题文章: