Chen Wenxin: Premier Li Keqiang visited Beijing – Chen Wenxin China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Institute deputy director in September 18th from three angles, the Sino US relations once again usher in "New York time". Premier Li Keqiang went to New York to attend the seventy-first session of the United Nations General Assembly high-level meeting, and bilateral meetings with U.S. President Obama. In addition, Premier Li Keqiang will see the U.S. economy, finance, think tanks, media and other important people from all walks of life, to attend the New York economic club, the National Committee on us China relations and the US China Business Council jointly organized the dialogue. From the perspective of Sino US relations, Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to China ideas "tour, Chinese play show tour and China confidence transfer trip. In the debate of U.S. strategy has not yet settled the dust, like a raging fire at the American election under the background, it will help to enhance the road and direction of development of the United States Chinese development concept, understanding, enhance mutual trust to achieve. The interpretation of the concept of China is a new reality of Sino US relations. Since the end of 2014, the United States has set off a big strategic debate on China, which embodies the anxiety and concerns of the United States to china. With the further growth of Chinese strength of the American strategy of "where to go to the Chinese" underpinning, uncertain, which constitutes an important source of U.S. concerns. The United States on China’s domestic and foreign policy can not understand, do not understand. The introduction of "China Belt and Road Initiative" Asian investment bank, and other initiatives and initiatives, the U.S. concerns Chinese "new", challenge the US led rule and order; Chinese vigorously promote the "four comprehensive" strategy, the United States also have doubts, worried about China reform than open problems, especially for American business environment a lot of concern in china. China and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States presidential election factors superimposed, it is easy to bring negative impact on Sino US relations. If the control is not good, will affect the long-term healthy development of Sino US relations. The machine went to New York to attend the general assembly of the United Nations High Level Meeting of Premier Li Keqiang’s series of use, focus on the face of the U.S. economy, finance, media, think tanks and other sectors, to open and honest attitude, interpretation of Chinese international order view, reform and development, has a strong pertinence, a success of public diplomacy. Premier Li Keqiang’s Chinese Philosophy Interpretation of the trip to ease the doubts of the United States will play an important role. About the international order, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that the current China is the order of the "maintenance", rather than "Challenger", "destroyer". On the one hand, China will work with all parties to jointly safeguard the international order since the victory of the world anti fascist war; on the other hand, China firmly supports the liberalization of trade under the framework of the world trade organization". This is a solemn statement on the basis of the facts, but also from the perspective of China as a beneficiary of the current order to make a repeat. On the reform and opening up, Premier Li Keqiang stressed that "Chinese open doors will open wider, has opened the door can not be closed, and said it would continue to make great efforts to promote government decentralization and other reforms, focusing on the protection of intellectual property rights, for foreign enterprises to invest in China to create a more relaxed convenient business environment. In a word, China’s reform.相关的主题文章: