Chen Shuibian won eighth times extended medical parole expires next February a video did not affect the original title: Chen Shuibian won eighth times for comprehensive medical treatment [] extended observer network recently, Chen Shuibian a video sparked heated debate, a lot of friends in Taiwan said that Chen Shuibian’s disease looks good, you can go back to prison; and Chen Shuibian seventh time extension for medical treatment the term will expire in November 4th. However, according to Taiwan media reported on November 4th, Taichung prison said, the medical team to evaluate Chen Shuibian’s condition did not improve, apply to extend to eighth times, the extension will expire on February 4, 2017. Prison side said that this is a professional evaluation of respect for the medical team, the video can not determine the patient’s condition. Chen Shuibian (left two) Taiwan "Central News Agency" reported that due Chen Shuibian baowaijiuyi seventh extended the deadline for 4 days, the day before he was shot two times Huang Baker take a walk to the film, causing people to question his health, Taichung prison said the medical team to assess the condition did not improve, apply to extend to. Chen Shuibian was walking take Taichung prison said outside the video content for the public discussion of the issue, but the assessment is allowed to extend medical parole period, is still based on the medical team of professional assessment, medical professional respect. Taichung prison pointed out that monthly staff regularly visit South Chen Shuibian, the medical assessment report proposed by the medical team pointed out that his condition has not improved significantly, in line with the "prison for criminal law fifty-eighth is appropriate in the prison can not heal". To accept the treatment of psychological and physiological in abroad, the Ministry of Justice Department of corrections audit report. Department of corrections approved Chen Shuibian eighth times to extend medical parole, medical parole deadline of February 4, 2017. Editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: