Chen Hongshou: open a new way of painting and calligraphy — — Ming Chen Hongshou processing burden of the traditional five relief mountain figure axis of Cleveland Museum of Art – "five mountain" cuckoo Chen Hongshou relief map axis, is the early work, is now in the possession of the Cleveland Museum of art. According to the "five Cahill that relief mountain" is "probably he (old Lotus) 20 to 30 years old during the period of." This inference according to cahill. Five relief Chen Hongshou (the old Lotus Mountain is located in the hometown of Zhuji), from its origin to Zhuji about 50 kilometers long from midnight. "Steep mountains and five level waterfalls. There are five levels, named five relief." In the early Ming Dynasty is revealed, when Chen Hongshou and Zhou Lianggong met with a number of friends, five mountain relief. Huang Yongquan "Chen Hongshou Chronicle" this load tomorrow and open for four years, the 27 year old: "the old lotus Ares, Zhou Lianggong to father Guan Zhuji, home secretary office visit. And MR (old Lotus) the number of tour five relief hill, then submitted to the text…… Sir, there is a ‘five relief plan’." Chen Hongshou (old Lotus) painting "five mountain" should be here. Stone peak Chung, full map, there is a strong feeling of oppression, and there are trees, lush into al8o, tall side, covered the mountain, and natural water, murmuring, through the rocks, natural line is messy, but is thin, has been flowing down the mountain, the water becomes Ping is plump up. The plot is a complex picture, the painter wants to be in such a form, through the light and shade of light and shade changes, twists and turns of the line, to express the unique understanding of the five landscapes. The artist’s signature hidden in the painting, "small and not significant, on the right-hand side of the ridge of Ye Congzhong." Top right corner of the screen at the top, there are collectors Gao Shiqi that knowledge, for the five relief mountain scenery, write full bearing: "landscape steep peaks, ball row…… Five Lake water, flood river, Wanzhuan five, therefore five relief. Hole rock strange in Yin, five drain in yang…… The seventy-two peak two wall with a gully, the quiet, when forced to open, odd between yin and Yang, Zhang Hou (old Lotus) deep meaning." Late Ming sketch. In this regard, he commented: "this painting not only is Chen Hongshou to express their direct experience of the five mountain relief only, when he wanted to convey the full of powerful towering peaks, ridges and distorted. Punctate veins and uninterrupted significantly, according to the full screen layout of the central region, to create a rich sense of black depth changes, which mixed with white branches, because this makes the figure below the place obstacles in the way, humming, together with the dynamic background behind, and no mountain waterfall above the law and partly hidden and partly visible characters. Together." He said, "the way" to Chen Hongshou and "five mountain" extraordinary relief. On the "five mountain" Cahill relief shaft highly thought he was "(old Lotus) the most outstanding landscape works all in one." Chen Hongshou wrote in 1640 "under the tree" a piano, "the way" and he can say echoes. Are distorted, or "severe distortion" and the branches of the tree and the leaves are fluttering in the bar, the clouds in the sky, the trees and rocks. The whole picture is almost distorted. "Thus creating a feeling different from the old age"相关的主题文章: